The Benefits of Having Two Hearing Aids


Two hearing aids is always better than one!

Our ears are designed to work in tandem with one another for the overall best possible hearing experience. Binaural listening is impaired when you suffer from hearing loss in one or both ears. Even though it may be more expensive, two hearing aids is always better than one. One hearing aid doesn’t provide the same ear-to-ear experience that you can get from two and will not offer the same quality listening experience. Here are a few reasons you might want to consider having two hearing aids.

Fuller Listening Experience

In a sense, the world is meant to be heard in “surround sound”, so two hearing aids help provide a fuller and richer sound. The brain needs input from both ears to hear fully and using only one hearing aid will leave you with an impaired auditory perception of the surrounding environment.

Volume Reduction

People have a tendency to turn up the volume on their devices when hearing loss occurs, which only further exposes them to unsafe listening levels. Wearing two hearing aids helps alleviate the need for louder volumes and therefore will keep your hearing protected for longer.

Easier Sound Processing and Speech Recognition

Each of your two ears is responsible for sending unique signals to your brain, and each one receives signals differently that affects your perception and understanding. When only one ear is working to send signals, it tends to take longer for one to understand the sound. Sometimes it even alters the perception of the sound itself. Two hearing aids solves this problem.

Tinnitus Management

Hearing aids can help in the management of tinnitus, and many are equipped with tinnitus specific technology and masking capabilities. If you have tinnitus, using only one hearing aid will not help mask the ringing sensation in your unaided ear. That’s why it’s recommended that one use two hearing aids when tinnitus is a problem.

Hear Better with Clarity Audiology & Hearing Solutions

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