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When to Consider Upgrading Your Hearing Aids

When to Consider Upgrading Your Hearing Aids

When to Consider Upgrading Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aids need periodic upgrades. So many other pieces of technology in life, whether as simple as eyeglasses or as complicated as smartphones, need upgrades and hearing aids are no different. In this blog we’ll talk about when you should consider upgrading your hearing aids.

Early Signs You Should Upgrade Your Hearing Aids

Ask yourself some simple questions before starting to research hearing aid upgrades. Do you notice some of these things?

  • Are your hearing aids buzzing, whistling, or feedbacking?
  • Are you having trouble hearing when there’s a lot of noise around you?
  • Are you unable to hear when you are on the phone?
  • Are your hearing aids just not working as well as they used to do?
  • Are your hearing aids wearing you out on a daily basis?

If so, it might be time to see your audiologist and begin upgrading your hearing aids. Now then, that begs the next question, what type of hearing aid do you have? This will help determine how to proceed when upgrading your hearing aids.

What Type of Hearing Aids Do You Have?

Analog Hearing Aids: Analog hearing aids are non-digital and are most likely from the generation of technology before digital hearing aids were innovated. Consider an upgrade to their digital counterparts.

Digital Hearing Aids: If you are wearing digital hearing aids, have them calibrated and adjusted to account for changes in your hearing. Your hearing may actually improve or worsen over time whether or not your hearing aids are in good condition. Newer models are constantly coming out for digital hearing aids, so they are much easier to upgrade; simply choose a newer model that could be a better fit for you.  

Inconspicuous Hearing Aids: Part of upgrading your hearing aids is taking advantage of advances in technology has allowed them to become less noticeable. They can blend in with your hair and face, or can even be embedded directly into your ear canals so they don’t even appear noticeable at first glance.


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