Why You Should Bring Your Friend to Your Next Hearing Test

Why You Should Bring Your Friend to Your Next Hearing Test

Taking someone with you to your next hearing test can help make it a better experience.

Labor Day is right around the corner, and that means summer is just about over. After a long summer of loud noises and raucous fun, it’s a good idea to get your hearing checked out. Ensuring your hearing health is important during any time of the year, not just during the change of seasons. Taking someone with you to your next hearing test can help make it a better experience. Let’s find out how!

Your Friend Can Experience How You Hear

Once your hearing test is complete, we will be able to create a map of your hearing abilities. Not only will this map indicate your current hearing health, but we can also give your companion an idea of the way you typically hear.

They Can Help Program New Hearing Aids

Your hearing test might reveal you need hearing aids. If you’ve never had hearing aids before, bringing a friend with you can help program these devices. How does this process work? You’ll listen to friendly voices through your hearing aids. If these voices aren’t detected, your aids will need to be retuned. Having your hearing aids programmed correctly is vital before you return to the outside world. However, don’t forget that your new aids will need the occasional tuneup once you’ve taken them for a spin. The tuneups are entirely normal, because your hearing is as unique to you as your DNA is.

They Can Assist in Identifying Hearing Loss

Why should you consider choosing your wife or a younger friend or relative? Female and child voices are higher-pitched. If you have high-frequency hearing loss, their voices may be able to help you identify that condition. Otherwise, you might not be able to hear your wife or your grandkids. How would you know? You would know if their voices sounded distorted, as though they were mumbling or trying to talk to you while underwater.

They Help You Digest Information About Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be hard to understand. If you’re coming in for your first-ever hearing test, and we discover signs of hearing loss, your appointment could be as long as an hour and a half. During your initial appointment, you can expect a treatment plan, recommendations for which hearing aid to use, and even a fitting for that hearing aid. We’ll plenty of information, which might be too much for you to process by yourself. Once you leave, you could always ask your friend about all of the information you both received, and what it all means.

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