Minimizing Hearing Loss During Fall Yard Work

Minimizing Hearing Loss During Fall Yard Work

How can you minimize or prevent hearing loss while completing yard work this fall?

One of the easiest ways to damage your hearing is when you’re occupied with yard work. Did you know your hearing loss can also get worse due to all the noise? You probably spent a lot of time caring for your yard and your lawn over the summer. But just because summer is ending, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be working outside during the fall. Here is how you can minimize or prevent hearing loss incurred during fall yard work.

How Noise Causes Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is typically more common in noisy work environments; some places where you might suffer hearing damage due to your job include:

  • Factories and farms
  • Construction zones and airports
  • Stadiums and arenas (for professional athletes, musicians, entertainers, and their fans)

Once you have developed hearing loss due to excessive noise, there is no cure. Happily, there are ways to treat this condition. Hearing aids are the most familiar of these treatment methods. You might wonder how you can encounter sources of hearing damage in and around your home. The truth is, it’s more prevalent than you might expect. If you leave your hearing unprotected while attending to outdoor chores or landscaping tasks, then you can lose your hearing. Be careful not to use these pieces of equipment for too long – in fact, more than fifteen minutes’ worth of exposure can seriously harm your hearing:

  • Lawn mowers
  • Chainsaws
  • Weed whackers

Preventing Noise-Related Hearing Loss

Now that you know what can hurt your hearing, how you can prevent or mitigate the effects? Here’s how to complete your yard work much more safely. First, use earmuffs and other forms of ear protection when working outside. Even if it’s not cold yet, these earmuffs can keep your ears protected, windy weather or not.

Next, don’t use earbuds or headphones while you work. While the work is tedious, you’ll be tempted to pump up the volume, which will only make things worse for your ears. Even if you do listen to loud music, be sure to rest and give your ears time to recover!

Third, rest more often! Take a break after working in the front yard and before starting the backyard. Either stop for lunch or just wait until the next day. Even if you’ve got a lot of yard work on the docket, you can take your time and get it done over the course of several days, or even an entire weekend if need be.

Last, consider using electric-powered tools instead of gas-powered ones. After all, gas-powered tools are all much louder than their electric counterparts.

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