Can Hearing Aids Help Stop Tinnitus?

Can Hearing Aids Help Stop Tinnitus?

See how hearing aids can have positive effects for those with tinnitus.

Tinnitus is an issue that affects many people. Also called ringing in the ears, it is the sensation of a sound in the ear usually like a hum or buzz, and it is sometimes associated with a feeling of stuffiness. While it usually passes after a few minutes, some people find that it can last a considerably longer time. Occasionally, tinnitus is associated with other conditions, such as Meniere’s Disease, but more often, it is related to untreated hearing loss. When patients have both, an audiologist will prescribe a hearing aid. Does it help to stop tinnitus?

Effect Of Hearing Aids

Numerous studies strongly suggest that wearing hearing aids reduces the impact of tinnitus. Most studies look at how they improve the overall quality of life for tinnitus suffers rather than actually looking at their influence on tinnitus itself. Most people do experience an improvement in their quality of life once they have hearing aids. Even if it does not decrease their tinnitus episodes, they are hearing and communicating better. Any degree of hearing loss or ear health issue should be addressed with an audiologist, so you can live your life with the fullest sound.

Advances In Technology

Traditional hearing aids are molded to the ear so that they fit snuggly inside. This shaping allows them to amplify some sounds but also means that they block others – an occlusion effect. Some people have found that the occlusion effect makes them feel like they have their head in a barrel, especially when speaking or chewing. This tends to be especially bothersome for tinnitus sufferers, and previously, hearing aids for them were made with large vent holes. New technology has allowed the manufacturing of open-fit hearing aids. These have a tube that enters the ear but does not block the whole cavity (no occlusion effect). There are also new devices entering the market that amplify external sounds while also producing their own low-level sound meant to cancel out the tinnitus. This model is intended to help people get used to the tinnitus effects, but further studies are needed.

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