Can Spring Allergies Affect Hearing?

clarity audiology spring allergies affect hearing

How can spring allergies affect your hearing?

Springtime in Maryland is beautiful, but it could also be a time that you experience a lot of sneezing, a runny nose, and watery, itchy eyes. Yes, springtime is also spring allergy time, especially with the high pollen count. Could spring allergies affect hearing? If you are having trouble hearing and have allergies of any kind, they could be related.

How Spring Allergies Could Affect Hearing

Spring allergies cause the body to produce antibodies that release histamine, which causes the sneezing, itchiness, runny nose, etc. Allergy medicine blocks the histamines so that they do not cause these symptoms. When the histamine is in full force, however, it can cause inflammation in the ear, blocking the Eustachian tubes, and making hearing muffled. Some people also experience itchy ears.

How Allergies Could Affect Hearing in General

Outer Ear

Some people might have an allergic reaction when their skin contacts a foreign material. Itchy, inflamed, and red ears could happen because of an allergy to earrings, detergent, or even hearing aid exteriors. Some hearing aid manufacturers offer hearing aids or hearing aid coatings for sensitive ears.

Middle Ear

The middle ear secretes mucus that drains through the Eustachian tube. Draining fluid from the middle ear is one of the Eustachian tube’s functions, aside from adjusting the ear’s internal air pressure. Blocked Eustachian tubes cause a buildup of pressure and fluid that could be a breeding ground for bacteria

Inner Ear

People who have Meniere’s disease, in which the inner ear is prone to fluid buildup, could have inner ear fluid buildup during allergy season.

What to Do about Seasonal Allergies and Hearing Loss

If your seasonal allergies are affecting your hearing, you don’t have to worry. Hearing loss from allergies is generally temporary. Finding ways to avoid or inhibit the allergens will also decrease your likelihood of temporary hearing loss. 

If your hearing aids are causing an allergic reaction, talk with your audiologist to find a solution. Clarity is happy to help you with your ear health!

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