Clogged Ears? Common Causes

Clogged Ears? Common Causes

Got muffled ears? It could be because of one of these reasons.

Having a clogged ear or two is not comfortable. Hearing becomes muffled or strangely amplified, and sometimes can come with pain. It is a real nuisance. Most of the time, it clears up on its own after a week or two, but other times you may need your doctor’s help. The best place to start is with knowing the common causes of clogged ears.


The simplest reason your ears may feel clogged is because something is inside of it. Earwax is usually the reason, as it can build up over time if not cleaned regularly. People also excrete more earwax in different situations, such as during swimming. When removing earwax, it is best to seek a doctor to dislodge it safely. A cotton swab can push the blockage further into your ear.

Airplane or Swimmer’s Ear

Two other common causes of clogged ears are airplane ear and swimmer’s ear. When changing altitudes during flight, one’s Eustachian tubes can fail to adjust right away. These tubes connect the ears to the throat and regulate air pressure in the middle ear. Changing altitudes can cause them to close, resulting in that clogged feeling. Meanwhile, if fluid stays in someone’s ear after swimming, infections can arise and also clog the Eustachian tubes.

Ear Infection, Cold, Sinusitis

If neither earwax nor flying nor swimming has caused your clogged ears, an infection, cold, or virus may be to blame. Whether you are dealing with a stuffy nose, a sore throat, or inflamed sinuses, clogged ears may accompany these other symptoms. If there is undrained fluid in your Eustachian tubes, you can close your mouth, pinch your nose, and slowly exhale through your nose to expel the liquid, which is a source of bacterial growth. If the condition does not go away after two weeks, consult your doctor for a prescription.

Acoustic Neuroma and Other Diseases

Less common, but just as possible, acoustic neuroma is the condition in which a benign growth develops on the cranial nerve connecting the ear and the brain. Surgery is sufficient to remove this. Other conditions include Meniere’s Disease, chronic otitis media, and cholesteatoma. Should these be the problem, you may need to consult an audiologist.

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