Does Hearing Loss Cause Poor Memory?

Does Hearing Loss Cause Poor Memory?

Multiple studies have demonstrated that hearing loss can lead to memory loss.

Hearing loss is a common disorder that affects at least a quarter of seniors in the United States. Age-related hearing loss is, in many cases, a normal part of growing older. Even so, seniors do not have to live with this deficit. It would behoove anyone with hearing loss to remediate the issue for a healthier and fuller quality of life. For seniors especially, hearing aids can help prevent poor memory and further problems.

Straining the Brain

Multiple studies have shown that hearing loss can induce poor memory. One of the reasons that this is so is because of the strain someone puts on their brain just trying to hear the conversation at all. When the brain has to exert itself more than it should to understand speech, the part of the brain that stores the memory of the sound takes a back seat. With the stress overload on trying to hear, the ability to remember can bust.

Weakening the System

If someone has hearing loss, a common consequence is social isolation. The person may grow impatient or embarrassed at never understanding what someone else is saying, and refrain from social gatherings with increasing frequency. As the person with hearing loss remains in quiet spaces, the need to exercise their hearing is less, possibly leading to a weakened perception and memory system.

Cognitive Decline

Some studies have shown a link between hearing loss and mild cognitive decline in older adults. When the brain is no longer able to perceive speech as well as before, memory loss and a weakened brain function can lead to more severe problems. Besides mild cognitive decline (MCD), hearing loss can also encourage the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s. It is not a set-in-stone fact that everyone with age-related hearing loss will get dementia, but the chances are higher. 

Hearing Aids Can Help

If you have hearing loss and find that you are struggling to engage in social situations, fret not! The right hearing aid can help tremendously and is well worth the cost. The cost includes not only the device but also the adjustment services offered by an audiologist and the warranty for the aid. There is no time like the present to regain your hearing and secure a healthier mind. 

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