Cognivue Screening Helps Hearing Health

Cognivue Screening Helps Hearing Health

Clarity offers Cognivue Thrive Cognitive Screening to assess this vital part of hearing health.

The brain plays a significant role in one’s hearing ability; it is in the brain that people understand speech and sounds and filter out background noise. The ear is also of utmost importance; it successfully transfers sound from the outer world to our brains. When either the ear or the brain suffers, the other declines with it. Besides knowing where one’s hearing health stands, assessing cognitive health is also beneficial. At Clarity Audiology in Baltimore, Cognivue screening can help. 

Hearing Loss and Cognition

Numerous studies have revealed that hearing loss can have a negative effect on cognitive health, especially for individuals over 65 years old. Age-related hearing loss is common to around one-third of adults in the nation; as the body ages, changes in the ear or in nerves connecting the ear to the brain can lessen one’s hearing. When the proper signals can no longer reach the brain, it begins to shut off unused functions or over-exert itself trying to interpret them. 

Similarly, a cognitive issue can result in hearing loss symptoms. If the brain suffers from a stroke, concussion, ADHD, epilepsy, or any number of conditions, it can lose its ability to interpret speech, especially combined with background noise. This, in turn, may lead to the brain overworking itself.

Why Screen for Cognitive Decline?

Taking charge of one’s hearing health includes understanding one’s cognitive health. Because of underlying conditions, as mentioned above, the brain could be suffering more than one realizes. Taking care of potential additional damage like hearing loss can reduce, slow, or reverse the brain’s decline. First, however, one must know one’s cognitive functionality in areas like memory, visual-spatial abilities, and executive function to make an accurate assessment. A cognitive screening test is the way to achieve this goal. If anything, taking a screening test can give you peace of mind on where this crucial aspect of your health stands.

What is Cognivue Technology?

Cognivue Thrive Cognitive Screening is an FDA-approved test that accurately assesses a patient’s memory, visual-spatial abilities, executive function, reaction time, and processing speed. It has no auditory component, so hearing loss cannot get in the way. Afterward, you will get an easy-to-read evaluation and recommendations for lifestyle and medication if necessary. For only $49 and 5 minutes, Clarity Audiology can assist you in taking charge of your brain and hearing health. 

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