Tinnitus and Stress

Tinnitus and Stress

Tinnitus and stress induce one another, but there are ways to reduce both.

Many people have experienced an occasional “ringing in the ears.” It may sound like a buzzing or whistling noise. This phenomenon is called tinnitus. Thousands of people in the United States and around the world experience this subjective sound constantly, which can cause much stress. Meanwhile, stress can also sometimes produce tinnitus. Learn more about the relationship between tinnitus and stress here.

Tinnitus Causing Stress

Tinnitus and stress can spiral down into a vicious cycle for some. The ways people react to tinnitus can vary greatly, but most patients experience moderate to severe stress due to the constant ringing. This strain proves more disastrous to the ear, as it is already in a sensitive state. Some ways to deal with chronic tinnitus include exercising, relaxing, or engaging in hobbies. The best way to cope is to find a way to take one’s mind off of the noise. A patient should avoid stimulants, including smoking and drinking alcohol or caffeinated beverages. If the patient also has hearing loss, he should get hearing aids to promote hearing health

Stress Causing Tinnitus

Stress can inflict health problems in many ways. People can fracture bones, lose hair, and lose sleep. Some consequences of stress are still mysterious to medicine. One of these mysteries is stress-induced tinnitus. A person can become so stressed at one point in their life that they begin to experience tinnitus. After it begins, symptoms may get worse over time. Again, the best way to deal with the new condition is to rest, avoid stimulants, and engage in meaningful activities. Other ways to combat stress include behavioral therapy and antidepressants.

Ways to Reduce Tinnitus

While reducing stress is one matter, reducing the symptoms of tinnitus is another. As mentioned, hearing aids often do help patients, especially since tinnitus can come about through hearing loss. When people can hear better, the tinnitus loses its severity. Meanwhile, sound machines can help partially drown out the ringing, overlaying it with soothing sounds of all kinds. If you or someone you know is suffering from chronic tinnitus, check out Clarity Audiology for an expert evaluation. 

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