Communication Strategies for Those With Hearing Loss

communication strategies hearing loss

Being open to different communication strategies can help you to communicate with those who are important to you.

Communication is a two-way street, and when those with hearing loss and those without interact, there are a number of communication strategies which can be employed to make this exchange smooth. Below are a few of these communication strategies, which can have a significant impact on making conversation and communication go smoothly.

Acknowledge Hearing Loss

If you yourself have hearing loss, be sure to let your conversational partner know. Once most people are aware of this, they will look at you when speaking to you and be sure to speak more clearly. They will also be more understanding if you do not respond appropriately or seem to be ignoring them because they will know that this is not the case. If you are talking to someone with hearing loss, do not shout or exaggerate the movements of your mouth as you form words. Just speak a little slower and more loudly. Also, pause between sentences to give the person time to catch up. These little communication strategies can make a big difference when it comes to interaction and understanding.

Hearing Assistive Technology Can Be Helpful

If you own or have access to hearing aids, wearing them can do wonders as far as communication strategies go. If you want to consider hearing aids or other assistive technology, visit a hearing healthcare professional to learn more about your options and advancements in technology. If you have a loved one, friend, or child who you notice is having hearing trouble but is reluctant to make use of hearing assistive technology, or perhaps is even in denial that they are experiencing hearing loss in the first place, do your best to encourage them to make use of this technology.

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