Discovering the Truth About Common Tinnitus Myths

Discovering the Truth About Common Tinnitus Myths

Join us as we discover the truth about these common tinnitus myths.

Do you hear a faint ringing noise in your ears? If you do and unsure what that means, it could be that you suffer from a condition known as tinnitus. You are not alone, however, as fifty million Americans have this hearing issue. Chances are, if you exhibit such symptoms, you should meet with your doctor as soon as you can. In the meantime, join us as we discover the truth about these common tinnitus myths.

There is No Cure

This myth is partially true. Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet, no outright full cure for tinnitus. However, you do have some treatment options. The other half of this persistent myth states that just because there is no actual cure, you have no hope of treating tinnitus. If you can find the hearing aids that fit you the best, you’ll likely start to see some improvement. Even if your hearing doesn’t get better, at least you’ll experience less pain.

Certain medical solutions exist too, in the form of various medications. But although medicine can make the ringing sensation go away, they could also stir up difficult addiction issues or have unpleasant side effects.

Tinnitus Means Hearing Loss

Tinnitus is often co-morbid with hearing loss, which means that you will experience both conditions at once. However, just because you happen to have both, it does not indicate that they are equivalent.

Loud Music Causes It

Listening to loud music can indeed affect your hearing. Turning up the music in your earbuds can be a great way to pump yourself up for your next workout, or to get some work done out in your yard, such as raking the leaves. But these aren’t the only reasons you might develop this condition. You might have something clogging your ear canals, such as too much earwax or an ear infection that has gone untreated for too long. Health concerns and accidental injuries can also lead you to develop tinnitus, especially injuries to the head and neck.

It Doesn’t Even Exist

This myth is mostly untrue. Just as there are different types of hearing loss, there are also various types of tinnitus. Even so, here is some bad news: you might not be able to identify the condition and get it diagnosed from a single test. The symptoms count. That said, you don’t need to go it alone when it comes to dealing with tinnitus and finding other hearing loss solutions.

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