How Much Hearing Loss Do You Have?

How Much Hearing Loss Do You Have?

Once you realize you have hearing loss, it’s for the best to determine how much hearing loss you have sustained.

Once you realize you have hearing loss, it’s for the best to determine how much you have sustained. Your diagnosis will describe your amount of hearing loss with different categories, depending on the severity of your condition. Here is a closer look at these measurements of your hearing.


When you have mild loss, you’ll be able to perceive that is a conversation is happening around you, but it might be challenging for you to follow it. Softer sounds are already hard to distinguish for an unaffected ear, but for people with hearing loss, they’ll also struggle to hear other subtle noises like clocks, papers being moved around, water being turned on and off, and birdsong. Noisy environments can garble understanding as well, so eating in a busy restaurant or having a party with friends can be anxiety-inducing – even with milder hearing loss, it means you’ll be missing part of the ambiance.


Moderate loss means that having a conversation is nearly impossible. Although gentle conversation is already hard to hear, moderate hearing loss will interfere with your ability to hear what’s happening during an ordinary conversation at reasonable volume levels. This means that when you’re talking to someone, you’ll have to ask them to speak up. However, at this level of hearing loss, loudness is no guarantee that you’ll able to hear something – your children and your pets could be incredibly loud, and even though, you’d encounter difficulty trying to listen to them, no matter how close they are to you, proximity-wise.


When you have severe hearing loss, you won’t be able to have a conversation at all. No matter what type of environment you are in, the world almost seems muted. At this point, you may have to rely on lip reading to figure out what others around you are saying. Many sounds that we take for granted are no longer perceptible to someone with severe hearing loss. If someone calls you, you won’t be able to hear it.


Profound hearing loss is the most severe level Anyone with this condition can be considered deaf or otherwise hearing-impaired. What does this mean for you? Lip reading and sign language would be your only means of communication. That said, your hearing loss journey is still bound to be a deeply personal experience.

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