Do I Have Hidden Hearing Loss?

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Do you have hidden hearing loss? If so, what should you do?

Hearing loss is more complex than meets the eye, and standard hearing tests can only evaluate so much. It may be the case that you have something called hidden hearing loss if you have noticed yourself having trouble hearing recently. If you are asking, “Do I have hidden hearing loss?” you will want to ask the following questions.

What Is Hidden Hearing Loss?

Hidden hearing loss is as described above. It is a form of hearing loss that exists, but that standard hearing tests do not catch. You might be able to hear clearly enough in regular circumstances, but when you are trying to hear what someone is saying in a crowded room, you have a hard time. We have a more in-depth article on hidden hearing loss here.

Do You Have Hidden Hearing Loss?

Even though having trouble hearing with background noise is a common symptom of hidden hearing loss, it could show up in a standard hearing test. It could be that you have some hearing loss or an auditory nerve disorder. How can you find out for sure?

Should You See an Audiologist?

An audiologist is a professional who specializes in hearing and balance issues. The practice of audiology is in-depth, and no over-the-counter service can replace its quality. It is worth seeing an audiologist to get the best hearing evaluation and recommendations possible.

Is It Worth Getting a Hearing Test?

Sure, an audiologist is a specialized doctor, but why get a hearing test at all? At the very least, you can know what the state of your hearing health is. Even if you are not interested in hearing aids at all, it is worth getting a check-up on this important human sense. 

How to Protect Your Hearing

Ways you can protect your hearing health in the meantime are to take breaks from constant noises from earbuds or headphones, stay away from loud noises, and wear hearing protection when necessary. 

How to Deal with Hearing Loss

You can also practice communication strategies to make it easier to hear at noisy events. Clarity Audiology is happy to go over these strategies with you and all your options for treatment. We do not pressure our patients to make any choice; your priorities matter most!

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