Do Loud Sounds Cause Dizziness?

The Potential Causes of Tinnitus

Are you falling over after hearing loud sounds? See how it could happen and protect your ears!

Have you ever left a concert feeling nauseous or started reeling after listening to music on your earbuds? It is possible to find yourself falling over after exposure to loud or prolonged moderate noises, even though your ears don’t hurt and you seem to hear just fine. Do loud sounds cause dizziness? Yes, they can.

How Can Loud Sounds Cause Dizziness?

The human ear is more than just an organ for hearing. It is also the organ for our sense of balance. The inner ear shares organs for hearing and balance within a common space. Should large vibrations hit the inner ear, they could damage both the parts that involve hearing and balance. 

In the inner ear, you have the cochlea, a snail shell-shaped organ that contains many tiny hairs that transport sound waves from the middle ear to the auditory nerve, the route for sound waves to reach the brain via electrical signals. 

In the same space as the cochlea is the vestibular system, from which is where our sense of balance comes. The vestibular system entails three semi-circular loops filled with fluid and calcite crystals that sense our head movements. These canals link to the utricle and saccule, two parts that detect acceleration and gravity. It is quite amazing to think about how these complex organs function seamlessly without us thinking about it.

If loud noises affront our ears, the vibrations can hurt and damage them permanently. So far, there is no medical cure for hearing loss aside from hearing aids. Some vestibular disorders have treatments, such as the Epley maneuver, but if loud noise is the cause of damage, treatment may involve physical therapy to adapt to the condition.

How to Prevent Dizziness and Improve Your Health

Prevent dizziness from loud noises by taking hold of your hearing health. Eat healthy foods, take care of your physical and mental well-being, and protect your ears. Stay away from loud or constant moderate noises, or use hearing protection. Limit exposure to noise and enjoy the silence. Your ears will thank you.

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