Tips to Improve Your Balance

Improving your balance is easier than you think!

Whether you are a senior and would like to improve your balance or an adolescent who wants to stay fit and improve coordination, there are exercises to help you reach your goals. Just because you experience imbalance doesn’t mean that there is no cure or improvement. If you experience extreme dizziness, it is best to see a doctor for treatment. If balance is merely something you want to improve, follow these helpful tips.

Stay Active

The good news is that you maintain your balance every time you move around. If you climb stairs, take walks, run, or have a generally active lifestyle, you are already doing things that exercise your sense of balance. If you are sedentary, your health can improve drastically by fulfilling the minimum daily exercise. The simplest ways to stay active are to do physical household chores and to take daily walks.

Do Easy Balance Exercises Daily

There are also exercises you can do in addition to your active lifestyle that focus on strengthening your sense of balance. 

  • Stand on one foot at a time: Switch between each leg and hold for thirty seconds. You do not have to lift your foot high; it should be high enough that you are balancing on one foot only.
  • Lean and balance from side to side: Keep your feet spread apart, lean toward one side, and balance on that foot. Hold for thirty seconds each time.
  • Walk in a straight line: Practice this exercise daily. You can take it a step up by balancing on a narrow ledge, such as the curb on a street, only if you will not risk injury.
  • Balance on one foot with a weight: Do bicep curls with a weight with one arm while lifting one leg. The lifted leg and weighted arm can be on the same side or opposite sides.

More Complex Balance Exercises

  • Dancing: Any type of dancing or dance-like exercises drastically improves one’s coordination and balance.
  • Tai chi: If dancing is too high-energy or risky for you, you could also try tai chi, which is a slower, more deliberate type of balance exercise.

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