Does Hearing Loss Cause Depression?

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Depression can be a byproduct of hearing loss. Don’t wait to hear and feel great.

Hearing loss is more widespread than many might think. It also spans the ages a lot more than you’d think, given the risk of exposure to loud, constant noises today through pop music concerts, practicing musical instruments, listening to music through earbuds, and using loud machinery. With hearing loss comes a limited connection to the people and world around you. Does hearing loss cause depression? 

The Prevalence of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is certainly more common among the older population; it often happens naturally and is nothing to be ashamed of. Hearing loss also affects other generations, some have noise-induced hearing loss, others might have suffered concussions, and others have tinnitus. No matter the age, it often takes years before anyone will get themselves hearing treatment, which has avoidable, negative consequences.

What Is Depression?

Depression is a subconscious form of discouragement and even despair. It often manifests as apathy toward life, feelings of guilt, shame, and worthlessness, and an inability to function and concentrate on daily tasks. Sadness, aggression, and isolation are other symptoms. Psychologists classify it as a mood disorder.

How Hearing Loss Can Lead to Depression

How does hearing loss cause depression? It does not necessarily cause depression, but it can make a person feel frustrated and discouraged when interacting with others. This frustration can lead someone to give up and not socialize anymore. An unhealthy social life can make someone feel depressed.

Other Dangers of Hearing Loss

Aside from isolation and depression, hearing loss can also lead to dangers, like a higher risk of balance issues, brain fog, memory loss, and inability to hear important sounds like fire alarms or approaching vehicles. 

Don’t Wait to Hear Great

Hearing loss impairs people’s ability to thrive. Hearing treatment is the best way to overcome it. Don’t wait to hear great! Once people receive treatment, their depression levels decrease within months. If you live in the Baltimore area, you can count on Clarity Audiology! 

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