How to Help Someone with Hearing Loss


Support your loved one with hearing loss in these different ways!

If you are reading this post, you are likely living with or know someone who has trouble hearing. How do you deal with it? How can you help someone with hearing loss? It is common to see impatience, frustration, and even resentment in relationships with hearing-impaired adults, but on the other hand, there are also ways to be supportive and helpful. Here’s how to help someone with hearing loss. If you are looking for an audiologist in the Baltimore area, contact Clarity Audiology!

Be Kind and Supportive

A helping hand and graciousness go a long way to facilitating your loved one’s hearing needs. You can advocate for and support this person by accommodating their hearing needs, such as making the volume of a broadcast loud enough without damaging hearing, and informing the person of whatever they missed in an ongoing conversation.

Make Communication Clearer

Make it easier for the person to hear you by not talking at the same time as someone else, limiting background noise, and talking without anything in your mouth. Use as clear diction as possible without yelling. Speaking louder is not necessarily the answer; in some cases, people with hearing loss are actually sensitive to loud sounds. 

Be Honest about the Situation

Honesty in any relationship is vital, so it’s best to be honest about what you are seeing and experiencing regarding this loved one’s hearing loss. Although you should be helpful when someone misses what someone said, you should also not let the constant aid lead to resentment. 

Talk with the Person about Hearing Loss Treatment

It can be hard to talk with someone about getting hearing loss treatment. Even so, there are kind, gentle, and caring ways to inform loved ones about hearing loss and suggest getting a hearing test. After all, untreated hearing loss can lead one’s health downhill.

Be Supportive of Hearing Loss Treatment

If they do go to get hearing loss treatment, it’s best to go with them as their support. Whether they do or not, you can also help where you can by doing the above and giving gifts like an assistive hearing device.

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