FAQ: Does Hearing Loss Affect Balance?

hearing loss

Hearing loss may not cause balance problems on its own, but it may be signal an underlying cause.

Hearing loss is a very serious condition that can be a huge detriment to a person’s psychological and physiological life. The ear is one of the most complex organs and it serves one of your most critical functions by processing sound waves so that they can be interpreted by the brain. The ear is also a host to your vestibular system, which is what provides you with a sense of balance and spacial orientation. A compromised vestibular system can lead to a balance disorder.

How is Balance Controlled?

Dizziness, floating, unsteadiness, blurred vision, disorientation, confusion, faintness and vertigo are all symptoms that may indicate a balance disorder. A structure in the inner ear called the labyrinth (names for its maze-like characteristics) is responsible for the body’s sense of balance. The labyrinth consists of complex tissue and bone. The vestibular system works in tandem with your visual system to let the body know its position relative to the earth and gravity, that way you can coordinate your movements properly.

Hearing Loss and Balance

Hearing loss doesn’t cause balance disorders on its own, however problems with the inner ear that’s responsible for hearing may also disrupt your vestibular system. That means hearing loss may be a sign of an underlying condition which is also impairing your balance. Ear infections, poor blood circulation in the inner, and head injuries can all lead to balance disorders. Tumors, medications, arthritis, eye muscle imbalance, and low blood pressure are also some non-hearing related problems that can cause balance disorders. An ENT specialist can perform tests to determine the exact reason for a balance disorder. Visit your doctor today if you are having trouble with your hearing or balance.

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