Have You Heard the Hum?


Have you heard the hum? It may be tinnitus, and there are a few things you can do to cope.

Well, have you heard the hum? You are probably not sure what the hum is, but if you are a tinnitus sufferer, chances are you know the hum very well. The hum is a phenomenon that occurs throughout the world involving people that hear a persistent low frequency humming or rumbling that others cannot necessarily hear. Whether you have heard the hum or just a hum, tinnitus may be affecting you!

What Does The Hum Sound Like?

It might sound silly to ask someone to describe a hum, but there are specific comparable sounds associated with the hum. Many people describe it as sounding like a diesel engine idling in the distance or a familiar low-pitched noise that can never quite be accurately identified. Some people hear the hum more when they are inside at work sitting at their desk and less in their car navigating their way through traffic. Others feel like they can actually physically feel the hum making its way through their being. While the hum sounds like a scary and disconcerting thing to hear, it is often simply a sign of tinnitus.

So, What Is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is hearing any sound (or the hum) when no sound is present. It can sound like anything from humming, to clicking, to hissing, to ringing. The pitch can be low, like the hum, or higher. Some people hear the hum in both ears and others just hear it from one. It may seem like a harmless thing, but hearing a constant hum can definitely mess with your ability to concentrate and hear yourself think.

What Causes The Hum and Tinnitus?

Unfortunately, tinnitus isn’t a specific disease. Instead, it is a symptom that can indicate a wide spectrum of problems ranging from ear infections, to brain tumors, to earwax build-up, to medication side effects and everything in between. Diagnosing the cause of the tinnitus can be tricky. Typically, diagnosis stems from what the patient reports, an audiogram, and a neurological exam.

I’m Sick of Humming, How Can It Stop?

Once you are diagnosed with tinnitus and the underlying cause is discovered, the cause of the hum can be treated. You can prevent tinnitus from occurring in the first place by avoiding loud noise and having yearly physicals and wellness check-ups with your doctor to prevent things like excessive earwax buildup.

Prevent Permanent Damage

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