Fun Facts About Ear Wax

Fun Facts About Ear Wax

Calling all ears! The more you know, the more you’ll wax wise.

Ear wax is one of the nastier traits of the human body, its ickiness well-known to mankind. But first of all, it’s not wax, and secondly, it’s exactly what we need to keep clean. Read on to learn more about the true nature of our ears’ sticky substance and what it’s good for.

What It’s Made Of

Ear wax, though “waxy” in texture, is really not wax at all. Ear wax is made up of the ear’s natural oil secretions along with the gunk that can join in, such as dead skin, dirt, hairs, and other particles. Two types of ear wax exist, the wet and the dry, but more on that shall come later in this post. Because of the nature of ear wax, it is ill-advice to stick a candle near your ear to melt the “wax,” a method of wax removal called “candling.” Do a DIY treatment by dropping a solution of warm water and saline solution with a pipet and clean with a cloth. Almond or olive oil may work as a softener also.  If this does not work, have a doctor safely remove the wax for you.


One of ear wax’s main functions is to lubricate those hard-to-reach places. Covering the outer ear all the way to the eardrum, the natural oils of ear wax keep those sensitive spaces smooth and free from itchiness. Consider it the body’s natural, specialized ear lotion.


Another key feature of ear wax is its self-cleaning function. Ear wax forms to catch all the dirt and keep out infection and creepy-crawlies that might come near your ears. Ear wax repels bugs, and studies have shown that the dry kind in particular kills bacteria, including E.coli.

Comes Forth in Danger

Production of ear wax increases when a person is afraid or stressed. Just like how you might sweat more when nervous, so ear wax will up its levels when life ups the ante.

A Peek Into the Ages

Ear wax plays a role in recording history. The type of ear wax you have helps determine your ancestry. Asians, South Asians, and Native Americans have dry ear wax while Europeans and Africans have the wet kind. This fact has helped researchers study ancient human migrations.

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