Hearing Loss and Valentine’s Day

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Keep your conversations easy to hear this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is one of the most memorable days of the year, in which we celebrate our relationships with significant others, family, and friends. The holidays can be challenging for those with hearing loss, so whether you have hearing difficulties or have a loved one who does, here’s how you can navigate hearing loss and Valentine’s Day this year.

Choose a Quiet Getaway

It’s easier for anyone to hear better in a quiet place. A place with a lot of background noise makes it very difficult to have meaningful conversations and could even damage your hearing. Choose a quiet getaway for Valentine’s Day. It could be a refined restaurant or your dining room.

Eat a Healthy Valentine’s Day Meal

Did you know your diet affects your hearing health? It makes a difference what you eat! Healthy foods that promote a good immune system, blood circulation, nerve health, and cellular health will all aid your ears in the long term!

Wear Hearing Protection

If your favorite hangout spot is noisier than not, or you plan to attend a noisy event this Valentine’s Day, be prepared with hearing protection if you need it. It is worth preserving your ears from irreversible damage. Any sound above a conversational decibel range can hurt your hearing, especially if it is constant.

Consider Hearing Loss Treatment

Do you have trouble hearing? If you’re unsure, see if you have the signs here. If you’re still not convinced, but your loved ones keep having to repeat themselves and are observing hearing loss, it might be worth it to get a hearing evaluation. Are you turned off by high costs? Clarity Audiology can help you with that.

Care for Your Hearing Aids, If Applicable

If you already have hearing aids, keep them clean, spotless, and well-ventilated every day. If you have any discomfort or are interested in trading yours in for new ones, please see your local audiologist.

Phone a Friend

It is easy to isolate oneself, especially if you have trouble connecting with others via hearing. Do not give up! Phone a friend this Valentine’s Day to say hello and catch up. It’s always good to hear a friendly voice.

Eat Chocolate (in Moderation!)

Chocolate, the traditional Valentine’s Day dessert, is healthy for you! Dark chocolate is especially healthy, as it has antioxidizing properties. Eat this treat with no guilt–in moderation, of course!

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