Hearing Loss and Vertigo

Hearing Loss and Vertigo

Hearing loss and vertigo can go hand-in-hand; here’s the intricate connection between the two.

Vertigo is a sensation of dizziness that makes the world look like it is spinning. It is set on by an internal or external source. When vertigo and hearing loss meet, the dizziness could be happening because of an issue with the inner ear. Believe it or not, hearing loss and vertigo can be very much connected. Here’s more about this intricate issue and what you can do if you have symptoms.

The Inner Ear

The inner ear is a delicate structure with many essential structures for hearing and balance. In the inner ear, you have the labyrinth, an arrangement of tiny bones and tissue that help with balance. Within the labyrinth is an organ called the cochlea, which contains the hearing nerve that sends sound signals to the brain to translate. Semicircular canals and otolithic organs next to the cochlea control balance and a sense of movement. When one part of this system suffers, it could mean that another part suffers as well. 

Hearing Loss and Vertigo

Damage to the inner ear can mean a compound effect of both hearing loss and vertigo. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, people can have a greater chance of falling if they have mild hearing loss. The connection between hearing loss and vertigo may be more sensitive than many realize.

Balance Disorders

That being said, there are several different identified balance disorders. 

Ménière’s disease is a mysterious buildup of fluid and inflammation in the inner ear that can cause dizziness and hearing loss. It is one of the most common balance disorders in the U.S.

BPPV is another highly common balance disorder that involves loose calcium particles floating in the inner ear. This can cause significant vertigo but can be relieved with various methods.

Other vestibular disorders include vestibular neuritis and ototoxicity. You can learn more about all of these cases in the blog here.


If you are experiencing significant hearing loss or vertigo, it is best to consult an audiologist to diagnose and treat your issue. Clarity Audiology is happy to find a solution for you in the Baltimore area!

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