Hearing Loss and Planning Summer Vacation

hearing loss and summer vacation

Summer typically means vacation time. And planning summer vacation can be enough of a headache even without hearing loss.

Summer typically means vacation time. And planning summer vacation can be enough of a headache even without hearing loss. Many vacation destinations in and out of the country are about to be packed with all sorts of holidaymakers, with hearing aids and those without. So, here are some great tips to help you make the most of your summer vacation, even with hearing loss!

Tips for Packing

If you have been diagnosed with hearing loss, then chances are, you will also have hearing aids. Being fitted for hearing is a big step in overcoming this condition. But needing to take them with you can be one more thing to worry about while getting ready for a trip. Bring your hearing aids, the cases for them, and plenty of spare batteries. Make sure all your necessary hearing aid supplies are bundled together in your carry-on bag.

If you’re expecting humid conditions at your destination, be sure to pack a hearing aid dryer.  Another good idea is to bring a notebook with you. Keeping some pens and paper on hand can make communicating with others around that much easier!

Getting Around the Airport with Hearing Loss

Getting around the airport can be bothersome and frustrating even if you don’t have hearing loss. But for those who do, take heart. Airports across the country are legally bound to provide announcements visually along with over the loudspeaker. Inform employees around the airport that you have diminished hearing and having hearing aids. Lastly, attempt to befriend your fellow travelers, especially those sitting near you. Most of the time, people will be glad to help.

Overcoming Language Barriers with Hearing Loss

Wherever you go, English should still be a common language. But trying to converse with the locals in their own language will likely charm them. If you can, point out your hearing aids. Most locals, if they speak English, will tend to speak to you loudly and slowly, to begin with. After all, they may be self-conscious about their fluency as much as you are self-conscious about your fluency in their language.

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