How Women Deal With Hearing Loss

How Women Deal With Hearing Loss

Although it is far more common for men to suffer hearing loss, women can develop hearing loss as well.

Previously, we covered how men deal with hearing loss. This week, we continue that theme and examine how women deal with hearing loss instead.  Although it is far more common for men to suffer hearing loss, women can develop it as well. Such a condition sees no gender: everyone of any age is subject to it.

Hearing Loss in Women

The main difference is how we all deal with it. Men and women attempt to live with this condition in different ways. However, there are some life circumstances that can affect hearing in women that do no affect men at all. Pregnancy can be an unexpected cause of sensorineural hearing loss. Circulation to the ears changes because so many other internal systems are changing due to the pregnancy. However, this condition is rare, and hearing typically returns to normal levels once the baby is born.

Another life circumstance that affects women’s hearing is menopause. Men don’t have to deal with menopause at all, despite the name. As estrogen levels in women diminish, their hearing might dip as well. Hormone replacement treatments present a possible solution to this issue. After all, women undergoing these treatments generally do not see a decrease in their hearing. Women who do need hearing aids, however, should consult their doctor first. The doctor can determine if the possible signs point to something much more serious.

How Do Women Accept Hearing Loss?

Once women discover that they are suffering this condition, they are more inclined to seek help. Men, for various reasons, resist doing so for as long as they can. While men are concerned about giving up various positions of power and confess that they are aging, this is less of a concern for women. Because of societal conventions, women are already used to concealing signs of aging or not letting it slow them down.

Reasons They Might Not Wear Hearing Aids

According to some recent studies, women tend to wear hearing aids more often and for longer than men do. Some reasons they might not wear hearing aids include an uncomfortable fit or dissatisfaction. However, despite these reasons, women are also more inclined to get adjustments made if they need them.

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