How Cold Weather Affects Ears

How Cold Weather Affects Ears

Did you know the cold affects your ears? Here are two main ways it can.

The cold is coming, and Maryland now anticipates the chill of fall and winter. While we’ll all likely remember to put on a coat before leaving the house, there are several reasons why one should also wear a hat, or earmuffs at least. The cold affects our bodies in many different ways, and the ears are no exception. Here is how cold weather affects ears and what one can do about it.

Impacted Ear Wax

In very cold temperatures, ear wax will harden and can become impacted, causing all sorts of negative symptoms. If you wear hearing aids or earbuds, your ears will produce more ear wax because of the presence of a “foreign object.” Impacted ear wax can trap moisture and bacteria, causing ear infections. It can also lead to tinnitus, headaches, nausea, dizziness, and ear pain.

Q-Tips might be okay for cleaning out only mildly-dirty ears, but you’ll want to avoid these cotton swabs for more serious cases. Using any object like a tissue, cotton swab, or even a hairpin can push hardened ear wax further in, making the situation worse. If your health is suffering from impacted ear wax, you can either use a home remedy of warm olive oil, apple cider vinegar, or steam, or seek a professional to safely loosen and dislodge it. 


Exostosis is another condition that cold weather can cause in the ear. Exostosis is extra bone growth in the ear canal, the body’s attempt to insulate the inner ear from cold and harsh conditions. The other name for this condition is Surfer’s Ear, because surfers are more likely to experience.

The best way to prevent this abnormal bone growth is simple: keep your ears warm with a hat or earmuffs. If you have Surfer’s Ear, a doctor can remove it through a surgical procedure known as a canaloplasty. The patient must avoid harsh and cold environments to fully heal afterward.

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