Communicating with Those with Hearing Loss

Communicating with Those with Hearing Loss

Have a loved one with hearing loss? Here are several ways to help communicate better.

It can be trying to communicate day to day with someone who has hearing loss. Many do not realize that it can still be a challenge to talk with someone who has hearing aids too. To help you keep in touch, here are some helpful tips on communicating with those with hearing loss.


It may sound cheesy, but understanding what the hearing aid wearer’s situation is will help tremendously with having patience and adapting. There is no cure for hearing loss; there is no way to reconstruct the damaged hair cells in the inner ear. Hearing aids amplify the still damaged hearing, and while this can greatly improve the condition, it is not foolproof.

Annunciate, Don’t Shout

Speaking louder is not the sole answer to getting heard. While it is helpful to project your voice (not the same as shouting), annunciating is also important. The goal is to speak clearly, not necessarily loudly.

Speak Slower

Part of speaking clearly may involve speaking slower. There is likely no need to go beyond an average speaking pace, but keeping from rattling off the tongue will ensure a higher chance that your listener has time to interpret your speech.

Avoid Noisy Environments

You can also cut out the confusion by avoiding noisy environments like bars, casual restaurants, crowded rooms, air conditioners, sports games, and so on. As long as you are in a quieter area, your chances for good communication are higher, especially if you are a more soft-spoken person.

Decrease the Space Between

In the era of social distancing, it may seem taboo to think of getting closer to someone else when speaking with them. Regardless, at 15 feet or less, your speech will travel better than not. Don’t assume they can hear you from a different floor or across the house.

Connect Directly

Direct connection before communicating is also a helpful tool. First get their attention before speaking, so they can listen fully from the start. It also helps to make eye contact, which is more powerful than speech.

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