How to Clean Hearing Aids

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Hot summer weather is on its way! Here’s how to preserve your hearing aids.

Having clean ears and hearing aids will allow you to be free from the risk of earwax buildup, malfunctioning hearing aids, and ear infections. All in all, it will help you hear your best! Learning how to clean hearing aids involves multiple tools and steps, but the guide wouldn’t be complete without tips to keep your ears clean as well. Let’s dive in!

How to Clean Hearing Aids

Your primary sources for knowing how to clean hearing aids are your hearing aids’ care instructions and your audiologist. There are many kinds of hearing aids, all of which will need slightly different cleaning tools. However, you can generally expect the following:

  • Soft-bristled brush: Some hearing aids come with a brush designed to clean out debris from the hearing aid.
  • Soft cloth or tissue: You might also use an appropriate cloth to wipe off dirt, moisture, dust, etc.
  • Wire loop: A specialized wire loop or pick can extract bits of earwax and debris carefully.
  • A multi-use tool: You can buy a tool that combines the brush and loop or pick into one tool.
  • Sanitizing solution: It’s best to use the one designed for your hearing device; other solutions could damage it.
  • Vacuum cleaner for hearing aids: Vacuuming is a safe way to remove loose debris.

How do you clean hearing aids? 

  1. Take removable parts apart, such as the hearing aid tip.
  2. Remove debris with the appropriate tools.
  3. Wipe it with the appropriate sanitizing spray.
  4. Reassemble.
  5. Replace wax filters/guards if applicable.

Keeping Hearing Aids Clean

  1. Store them in a cool, dry place when not in use.
  2. Remove excess moisture when necessary.

Tips to Clean Your Ears

Keeping your ears clean will help keep your hearing aids clean. Ears are actually self-cleaning, and earwax drains out naturally. Showering will usually help loosen earwax and make it easier to remove. Wipe earwax out with a cloth or Q-tips, provided you do not go too deep or have hard earwax that can become impacted.

For more hearing aid care tips, earwax removal, and more . . . 

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