How to Clean Your Ears without Q Tips

How to Clean Your Ears without Q Tips

How do you keep your ears clean? Should you keep your ears clean?

Clean ears help keep you healthy and preserve your hearing. The traditional method for cleaning ears is Q tips, but these cotton-tipped tools can push earwax further into the ear canal rather than help remove it. Some say that ear candles help, but this method is questionable. How can you clean your ears without Q tips?

Why Clean Your Ears?

You don’t technically need to clean your ears–that is, if they are draining ear wax properly. When you chew or move your jaw, it helps to push ear wax out of the ear. For some, ear wax is always sticky and wet and drains easily. For others, a genetic disposition makes ear wax dry, hard, and stickier to remove. It is easier for the earwax to clog the ears. 

Aside from the need for occasional ear wax removal, ears generally keep themselves clean via ear wax. Cerumen, that sticky substance, is antibacterial and insect-repelling. It also lubricates the ear canal so that it is never dry or itchy. That is why you never need to moisturize inside your ears! Should you need to clean your ears generally, showering usually wets them enough to remove dirt decently.

How to Clean Your Ears without Q Tips

If Q tips are your go-to ear-cleaning tool, what can you do without them? If you have hardened ear wax, you could clean your ears by softening the cerumen first and then using a warm, damp washcloth to wipe it out. Typical solutions for softening ear wax include hydrogen peroxide, baby oil, mineral oil, saline, or glycerin. You could also buy over-the-counter ear wax softeners. 

Professional Ear Wax Cleaning

Audiologists can perform professional ear wax cleaning, where they use specialized tools to view inside the ear canal and extract or vacuum the hardened cerumen. When should you call for professional ear wax cleaning? It is best to do it if your ear wax buildup has caused ear pain, hearing loss, or a feeling of clogged ears. 

Need an Audiologist?

If you do have symptoms of clogged or painful ears, it could be another condition. Contact your audiologist to confirm the cause. If you are in the Baltimore area, call Clarity Audiology!

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