How to Hear Better without Hearing Aids

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Wake up to better hearing over time with these hearing health tips.

Many people look for how to hear better without hearing aids. Hearing aids are expensive, we understand. In some cases, it really is best to get hearing aids to relieve the effects of hearing loss and restore communication with the world. However, whether you have mild or severe hearing loss, or you are young or old, there are several things you can do to hear better without hearing aids.

Tips to Hear Better without Hearing Aids

Keep Your Ears Clean

The first step is to keep your ears clean. Wipe your ears gently after you shower or bathe to remove softened earwax. Earwax buildup is a top cause of hearing loss, and dealing with it can instantly restore your hearing and even remove tinnitus.

Limit Exposure to Harmful Noise

Limit your exposure to loud noises and moderate noises that are constant. Even moderate noises can damage your ears after constant exposure. Wear hearing protection when you think you need it, not when it looks cool. Your ears and you will thank you later.

Have a Hearing-Healthy Diet

Your diet can impact your health greatly. Having a diet rich with foods that promote healthy hearing can help. These foods, like certain fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc., are full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and healthy fatty acids that help with nerve health, tissue health, and blood circulation.

Practice Auditory Exercises

Do auditory exercises on a weekly or daily routine. These exercises can be simple and relaxing. They include:

  • Identifying sounds
  • Focusing on and identifying sounds in a crowded environment
  • Studying variations of sound when listening to music
  • Exercising the brain by playing logic games and puzzles
  • Read aloud or have someone read aloud to you and make note of other sounds you hear.

Exercise Regularly

Physical exercise encourages healthy blood circulation. Exercise gets your heart pumping and your blood moving, which promotes health in your ears, which are quite sensitive. Healthy circulation is necessary for healthy hearing.

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