Fluid in the Ear Causing Hearing Loss

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Is fluid buildup muffling your hearing? Learn more about it here.

Hearing loss has all kinds of faces, and one is conductive. Conductive hearing loss is hearing loss caused by an obstruction rather than damage to the ear itself. If the obstruction is gone, then good hearing will be restored. If fluid in the ear is causing hearing loss for you or your child, read on to figure out what to do. If you live in central Maryland, Clarity Hearing is happy to help you.

What Is Fluid in the Ear?

Fluid in the ear is mucus or bodily fluid that builds up in the ear behind the eardrum. It is called Otitis media with effusion (OME.) It is fluid buildup that does not accompany an ear infection. It creates a feeling of fullness in the ear and muffles hearing similarly to how earplugs do. It can happen to both children and adults.

Can Fluid in the Ear Cause an Ear Infection?

OME can lead to an ear infection, but it does not have to. It can appear after a severe respiratory illness, allergies, or a sudden change in air pressure. Irritants like chemical particles or cigarette smoke can also cause a reaction leading to fluid buildup in the ear. The main cause of OME is the Eustachian tubes closing up, trapping fluid in the inner ear for days or weeks. The Eustachian tubes usually drain fluid from the ear to the throat, but after severe inflammation and irritation, they can fail to do so. The danger of an ear infection from OME only occurs when bacteria enter the inner ear.

Will the Fluid Go Away on Its Own?

Usually, the fluid exists in the ear without any infection. How long you can expect it to last depends on whether it has a known starting date or not. If you know it began after an upper respiratory illness, then you can expect it to go away on its own within days or weeks. Only if it does not have a known cause and it lingers for over three months should you consider finding a way to treat it yourself.

How to Treat Fluid in the Ear

First, visit your doctor. The doctor may prescribe decongestants and painkillers. You might also consider whether the situation calls for removal by surgery or medication. The starting point is talking with a professional.

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