How to Keep Your Hearing Aid Clean this Spring

How to Keep Your Hearing Aid Clean this Spring

Keeping your hearing aid clean is especially important during spring!

Any appliance that you buy is an investment, and your hearing aid is no different. An investment in better hearing is a great one, but there will be some maintenance needed to keep the appliance running well. For the hearing aid, these means keeping it clean. Some cleaning and maintenance tasks on a hearing aid need to be done by a trained professional, but there are routine things that you can do in between those visits to help the hearing aid work as well as possible, and this spring is a great time to work them into your daily schedule.

Wax Issues

Most people don’t realize, but ear wax is actually the number one cause of hearing aid repairs. Ear wax build up in the ear is normal and healthy, but when your ear is blocked by a hearing aid, that wax sometimes works its way inside. If you want to battle ear wax on your own, start by cleaning the outside of your hearing aid every morning. Avoid using tissues for this process, since most have aloe or some other moisturizers embedded in them, which you don’t want to transfer to the hearing aid. When you’re wiping off the ear wax, do it in the morning after it has had time to set up overnight, and wipe it away from the microphone rather than on to it. Finally, use the tool that came with your hearing aid to clean the tubing. It’s easy for ear wax to get stuck in that tubing and become an issue if you’re not cleaning it regularly.

Water Issues

There are lots of ways that hearing aids might be exposed to water or moisture, aside from an accidental dip in a pool or bathtub (which does happen). Humid conditions, condensation, and even perspiration are all sources of moisture that can damage hearing aids. Do your best to keep hearing aids away from accidental water sources, by storing them in the case (not in the bathroom) and leaving them out until after your shower. Don’t wear them to the pool or at least get in the habit of removing them at the same time as you remove something else to swim (like a necklace or rings). When you take them out at night, leave the battery door open so that any trapped moisture can escape. Finally, take time to clear condensation out of the tubing periodically.

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