How to Safely Reduce Earwax Buildup in Your Ears

How to Safely Reduce Earwax Buildup in Your Ears

For especially severe wax buildup, it is important to visit your doctor to have the wax professionally removed.

While earwax is a necessary byproduct of our ears, it can sometimes cause discomfort as well as inhibit our ability to hear clearly throughout the day. Although it may seem tempting to try and clean it out with a Q-tip, there are plenty of safer wax-clearing methods to try that will not jeopardize your hearing. If you are currently suffering from discomfort caused by earwax buildup in your ears, consider these ways to safely remove the wax from your ears.

Earwax Impaction Symptoms

If you notice that you are struggling to hear, or that your hearing is muffled, you may be suffering from earwax impaction in your ears. Additional symptoms of earwax impaction may include dizziness, ear pain, or itchiness around the ear. While some home remedies for earwax impaction may prove to be effective, it is important to call your audiologist if you are experiencing considerable pain or hearing issues due to impaction.

Ear Drops

Some over-the-counter ear drops may prove to be effective for safely removing a buildup of earwax from your ear. If you plan on trying ear drops, be sure to carefully follow the instructions of applying drops to your ears once or twice a day. This will allow the drops to work properly in draining the buildup of wax from your ear.

Warm Compress or Water Drops

Another effective way to safely remove earwax buildup from your ear is to apply a warm compress to your ear to soften the wax. Once the wax is softened, it should be able to drain from your ear or be easily irrigated. If you have already applied OTC drops or another softening substance, a few drops of warm water should also effectively irrigate your ear of the buildup.

Visit Your Audiologist

For especially severe wax buildup, it is important to visit your doctor to have the wax professionally removed. A visit to your doctor for earwax removal will help to ensure that the wax is safely removed without jeopardizing your hearing in the process. This step will also help to prevent such severe buildup in the future by thoroughly clearing major wax buildup from your ears.

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