Is Earwax a Natural Insect Repellent?

Is Earwax a Natural Insect Repellent?

Can earwax help protect you against bugs? That and much more!

Earwax is a nasty but oddly fascinating substance; it is strange and sticky, but it is also part of the perfect design of the human body! If you are reading this, you have likely heard that earwax is a natural insect repellent. Is it true? Indeed, earwax is a natural insect repellent and a help in many other ways.

Earwax a Natural Insect Repellent

Earwax is not just sticky; it also has an odor that keeps all bugs from exploring the human ear. We can be very thankful for earwax! The ear canal produces the sticky substance from glands. This substance’s technical name is cerumen. Some have suggested that cerumen could be developed into an ingredient in a natural insect repellent product, but that has yet to exist.

Earwax a Repellent of Dirt & Disease

Earwax also naturally traps dirt and dust from entering the inner ear. Like mucus, it traps debris. One only has to wash one’s ears or use a Q-tip or a soft cloth to remove it completely. Some believe that earwax also has antimicrobial propensities, but scientific research has mixed results. Even so, it is not hard to believe that earwax plays a role in keeping all harmful entities from entering through the ears.

Earwax a Natural Moisturizer

At the very least, earwax is certainly a great moisturizer. You never have to put lotion into your ear canal, nor should you! Earwax keeps the ear canal lubricated so it can perform its best. Without lubrication, the ear canal would be more susceptible to infection.

Hold That Q-Tip!

The natural conclusion is to have a special appreciation for this sticky but helpful body component. It may benefit to hold off on that Q-tip and avoid cleaning the ear canal completely dry. 

What about Impacted Earwax?

Even so, one should continue to remove excess earwax and steer clear of impacted earwax. Impacted earwax affects many people and can cause conductive hearing loss. One only needs to visit a specialist to remove the excess safely.

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