Is Hearing Loss a Disability?

Is Hearing Loss a Disability?

At what point is hearing loss considered a disability? Find out here.

Different impairments of the body may be mild, moderate, or severe, but some are considered disabilities by law, while others might just be an inconvenience. It is hard to say what counts as a disability or not. Hearing loss is one type of impairment that could be minor, perhaps hardly noticeable, for many years, but at what point is hearing loss a disability? Check out more on this topic below.

Your Hearing Loss Level

Hearing loss categories are as follows: mild, moderate, severe, and profound. A hearing test conducted by a certified audiologist can tell you what level you have if you have hearing loss. Even mild hearing loss can have profound effects; for example, it is easier to have balance issues with mild hearing loss. If your hearing loss keeps you from interacting with the world and other human beings as you should, then the condition could be considered a disability.

Social Security & Hearing Loss

In the United States, you can qualify to receive social security benefits if your hearing loss is profound in both ears. Only if it falls under certain measurements is it seen as a disability. Without your hearing aids or cochlear implants, your threshold sensitivity would be at most 90 dB for air conduction and 60 dB for bone conduction for you to qualify. A score of 40% or less on a speech recognition test will also qualify you. 

If your hearing evaluations land you in these categories, the social security benefits can aid you in support of not being able to find sustainable work due to the condition. 

Bettering Your Hearing Health

Is your hearing loss a disability? Whether you have mild or profound hearing loss, there are ways to better your hearing health and make your life long and fruitful regardless. One can practice good hearing health habits, such as not listening to music that’s too loud and wearing hearing protection. You can also improve your hearing and brain health through a professional evaluation and fitted hearing devices. At Clarity Audiology, we are here to help you hear!

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