When to See an Audiologist

When to See an Audiologist

Whether you have hearing loss, tinnitus, or a balance disorder, it is essential to see an audiologist as soon as possible.

You might suspect that you have hearing loss. Your family might even complain about your inability to hear them. However, when exactly do you need to see an audiologist? How bad does hearing loss have to be before a hearing evaluation becomes helpful? Below we will look at this question in more depth. See how you can know when it’s time to see an audiologist. As always, Clarity Audiology in Baltimore, MD, is here for you! Contact us if you have any hearing questions!

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss comes in different forms, and some are temporary but can become permanent if not addressed. Conductive hearing loss is hearing loss due to a blockage like ear wax or inflammation. A medical professional can help you get to the root of the cause and relieve your hearing loss. 

Permanent forms of hearing loss, such as noise-induced and sensorineural, can get worse if one does not address it. Noise-induced hearing loss can happen to anyone and happens to more people than you might think. Age-related hearing loss is completely normal. Some even lose hearing due to certain medications or medical procedures. No matter the cause, it is important to keep one’s hearing sharp.


Tinnitus is a ringing, whistling, or buzzing in one or both ears that can be chronic or intermittent. There are multiple forms, including pulsatile tinnitus. Depending on the severity, tinnitus can be mentally and physically draining. If you have tinnitus, an audiologist can help you relieve your symptoms. It is not uncommon that hearing loss of some level accompanies tinnitus.

Balance Disorders

Balance disorders have a severe effect, sometimes completely debilitating. The balance control is located in the inner ear, and audiologists are equipped to help correct or manage your balance issue. They specialize in all parts of the ear and their functions, including balance.


When a problem with the ear gets in the way of daily living, it’s time to see an audiologist. Whether you have hearing loss, tinnitus, or a balance disorder, it is essential to find professional care as soon as possible. 

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