Know Your Treatment Options for Tinnitus

Know Your Treatment Options for Tinnitus

Tinnitus is an incredibly common hearing problem that many children, teens, and adults develop every year.

Tinnitus is an incredibly common hearing problem that many children, teens, and adults develop every year. Tinnitus is the perception of noise, ringing in the ears, or a sound that nobody else can hear, and it is often a symptom of hearing loss or an ear injury. Since tinnitus is so annoying and uncomfortable for people who experience it, it’s important to understand all of the treatment options available.


Before you develop a tinnitus treatment plan, your doctor will need to diagnosis you and try to determine what the underlying problem is. The most commonly performed tests include a hearing exam, a movement exam, and imaging tests. Depending on the type of sound that you hear as a result of your tinnitus, a diagnosis might be able to be made. Every sound has a different cause, whether you hear clicking, humming, a heartbeat, ringing, or other sounds.

Treating the Underlying Problem

It is best to determine if you have an underlying health condition, as that should be addressed first to see a reduction in your tinnitus symptoms. Some of the most common underlying issues can be solved using:

  • Earwax removal of impacted earwax that might be moving around inside of the ear
  • Treatment of a vascular or blood vessel condition, which might be surgery or a medication
  • Alterations to medication dosage or prescription

White Noise

White noise is a powerful tool for people with tinnitus, as it can cover up the sound that they hear in their ears. Electronic devices and apps can generate different varieties of white noise that will cover up the ringing or rustling that they hear. The most common noise suppression devices include:

  • White noise machines that produce sounds like rain, waves, or even crickets outdoors
  • Hearing aids
  • Masking devices that used for hearing, such as hearing aids
  • Retraining devices that are designed with custom music that masks the frequency of the tinnitus that you experience


If you adjust your lifestyle, your tinnitus symptoms also might decrease in severity. Some of the most common lifestyle and home remedies include:

  • Avoiding irritants like loud noises, concerts, excess caffeine, and stimulants like nicotine
  • Covering up the sound using white noise
  • Managing your stress levels, as stress can exacerbate your symptoms

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