Learning to Live with Tinnitus


Tinnitus can make your life stressful and difficult, but there are ways to cope.

Tinnitus is a condition that you have almost certainly experienced or heard of, but that you might not know by its medical name. It’s is essentially noise that comes from your body, whether it’s ringing in your ears or a buzzing noise that won’t go away. The condition makes it sound like you are actually hearing something, even though there is no concrete external or internal sound occurring. A whopping 15% of Americans suffer from forms of tinnitus. If you are suffering from tinnitus, here’s what you need to know.

Avoid Tinnitus Triggers

Stress is the single biggest tinnitus trigger. Stress is known for exaggerating symptoms and making it even harder to hear. Unfortunately, tinnitus can cause stress, which feeds into the problem itself. Try to remain calm and explore different ways of ignoring the sound. Are you going to be in a loud place, like a concert? Bring extra protection for your ears to reduce the stress on your body.

Another common trigger of symptoms is unnecessary drug or alcohol use. While it’s fine to kick back after work with a glass of wine, you need to always moderate your intake. Any type of stimulant or drug has a direct effect on the severity of your tinnitus, so avoid excess caffeine, alcohol, or drugs whenever possible.

Explore Your Hearing Aid Options

Many times, tinnitus occurs partially due to hearing loss. Hearing aids can often help to improve the situation. Hearing aids can control the sounds that you hear, to limit excess noise, and to better control symptoms. Sound devices can also help improve symptoms. These machines, and app versions available for your cell phone, can provide ambient noise for you to drift off to. The ambient noise helps to mask the severity of your condition and gives your ears something else to focus on. To find out if hearing loss could be the cause of your tinnitus and explore your hearing aid and sound machine options, visit Clarity Audiology today!

Hearing Loss Solutions from Clarity Audiology

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