When Might You Need Earplugs?


There are more situations that warrant earplugs than you may even realize.

Protecting your hearing is something that most people underestimate the value of until it’s too late. Even though your ears can survive short periods of louder-than-normal noise, it’s always a good idea to wear earplugs whenever you know in advance you’ll be hearing many loud noises. When should you be wearing earplugs in your life?

What Are Earplugs Used For?

Obviously, earplugs are used to protect hearing in a variety of situations, both everyday and unique. They are typically worn:

  • When attending concerts
  • When on a construction site
  • When flying in a plane
  • When hunting
  • Whenever you will be experiencing a loud noise for a prolonged period of time
  • When sleeping (to block out noises that could wake them up)

How Long Can You Use a Pair?

The longevity of earplugs depends on what type they are. If you use disposable foam earplugs, they will need to be replaced frequently, It isn’t uncommon to need to replace plugs every night if you sleep with them to prevent bacteria growth and discomfort.

If you use reusable sleeping earplugs, you can wear them for several nights in a row thanks to the silicone material. Simply remove the silicone parts from your ears and boil them in hot water before reusing. This will kill germs and bacteria from the inside of your ears on the earplugs and make them perfectly safe for using again.

Custom plugs are the best bet for people who need to frequently use earplugs as a result of their job or sleeping pattern. Custom plugs are specifically designed to fit your ear perfectly, so they will seamlessly slip into place and provide the maximum level of hearing protection possible. Custom plugs are also designed with advanced technology so that they don’t muddle sounds. This is especially important on a job site where you need to understand what other workers are trying to communicate with you. Custom ear plugs will allow you to hear speech, voices, and other sounds—they just won’t be as loud as they were before!

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