Musicians and Tinnitus

Musicians and Tinnitus

If you’re a musician with tinnitus, you are not alone. Clarity Audiology can help!

Multiple professions face the risk of hearing loss due to high noise exposure. Repeated exposure to moderate to high noise levels can cause people to lose their hearing over time. Medical experts have generally attributed hearing loss as the cause of tinnitus, that intermittent or constant ringing in the ears. The relationship between musicians and tinnitus is not unheard of; rather, it is more common than one might expect. Here is more on musicians and tinnitus and what to do about it.

Musicians and Tinnitus

Hearing loss can occur because of exposure to a sudden loud noise, like a gunshot. However, it can also happen gradually over time due to constant loud or moderate noise levels. Yes, even moderate noise can take its toll on the ears. While a normal conversation won’t cause any harm, listening to music through earbuds, headphones, or practicing an instrument can. 

Noise-induced hearing loss is the wearing down of the tiny hairs in the cochlea, which help direct sound waves to the auditory nerve. Tinnitus could be the misinterpretation of sound waves by the brain when these tiny hairs are not conducting sound properly.

Dealing with Tinnitus

If you think you are the only musician who is dealing with tinnitus, you are far from alone. There is a long list of contemporary artists who openly talk about their trials with this phenomenon, and studies have shown that between 30-50% of musicians have some level of tinnitus. They often share the same types of struggles, such as possible frustration when trying to concentrate on the music while hearing that subjective tone in their ears. Many do not talk about their experience with tinnitus for fear of their reputation, but famous musicians have proved that an audience will rally around them in support when they talk about it openly and honestly.

Protecting Your Ears

Musicians who face tinnitus can get lasting relief. They don’t have to succumb to the mental, emotional, and even physical consequence that the condition can produce. Hearing aids can help, which Clarity Audiology can explain to you in more detail. Musicians can also prevent further hearing damage by investing in earplugs for musicians. These custom earplugs don’t block out noise, but they lower the volume for safer practicing and performing. For more information on Clarity Audiology’s custom earplug solutions, contact them!

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