Myths about Hearing Loss & Hearing Aids

Myths about Hearing Loss & Hearing Aids

Do you know the truths and myths about hearing loss?

It is unfortunate when we believe something that is not true, but it is sadder when we are not willing to learn the truth. It can be about something small or large, or even about hearing. Our ears are very complex and help us with both our sense of hearing and balance. Do you believe any myths about hearing loss or hearing aids? Let’s take a look at some of the biggest ones.

Big Myths about Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss Is a Sign of Old Age

The biggest conception of hearing loss is that it happens to old people. It is a sign that your health is winding down and you are beginning to lose your faculties. The hard cold truth is that it is conditionally true. Just because you are older doesn’t mean you will become blind or deaf, and hearing loss can happen to people no matter their age. However, in some cases, it is a natural part of aging just as getting wrinkles is.

Hearing Loss Can’t Happen to Young People

A few people might believe that because it’s more common for older people to lose their hearing, young people can’t lose their hearing at all! Plenty of people have known or seen at least one peer with hearing loss or deafness as a child, so it is not a very common misconception, but still there.

Hearing Aids Are a Stigma

Many people, especially adults, are sensitive when it comes to their need for hearing treatment, particularly in the form of hearing aids. Some people might even think it makes them ugly. Hearing aids today do not look like the clunky, tan ones of decades past. They can hide behind the ear or be invisible! It all depends on what works for you, and you’ll be relieved to hear better!

Hearing Aids Fix Your Hearing

Hearing aids do not bring back the exact sound of natural hearing, but they come close. They help people hear and adjust to background noise, speaking in a crowded room, and speech in general.

OTC Hearing Aids Are Just as Good as Prescribed Hearing Aids

With the government’s approval of over-the-counter hearing aids, one-size-fits-all hearing aids become available. Although it may seem like a tempting, cheap alternative, OTC hearing aids are a watered-down version of hearing treatment that will serve you best.

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