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What Our Patients Are Saying!

“My hearing loss was getting progressively worse and eventually my spouse, who was already fitted by Clarity Audiology, prevailed upon me to deal with the issue.  I was very pleased with the exam and then subsequent no obligation trial of Bluetooth enabled Oticons.  It has made a world of difference in my workplace, at home, in noisy restaurants and wonderful clarity while conducting conversations on my mobile iPhone.”
Alan W.
Laurel, MD

“I can hear much better with my new hearing aids. Great service, the best I have had.”
Bob P.
Middle River, MD

“Visiting with family or friends at home, in restaurants, at church or at social gatherings has become much more enjoyable because I can now hear and understand conversations from all directions.  What a pleasure! I’m back” in the loop”!”
Keith L.
Lebanon, PA

“New customer from Baltimore. At Clarity Audiology, everyone seems to care about your hearing needsEveryone is pleasant, courteous and helpful.  Testing, Hearing Aid Acquisition and follow up service done in very professional manner.  Follow up support which includes testing, repairing and servicing both you and your hearing aids sounds thorough.  Only thing you need to clearly understand is that this value added service above the cost of the hearing aid may result in hundreds of dollars depending on your insurance and the hearing aid chosen.”
Richard B.
Baltimore, MD

Clarity Audiology helped me choose the right hearing aid for me. Their follow up after receiving my hearing aid has been excellent.”
Robert H.
Catonsville, MD

“I have been hearing impaired all of my life.  I was told that having hearing aids would never help me.  Believing this, I accepted the fact that I had the hearing I have and dealt with it for 52 years.  I came to Clarity Audiology on a whim to get a price for a hearing test to apply for disability.  Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to receive such care and concern from a great staff! Not only did I get my hearing test, but I qualified for a program to help me get hearing aids. I got my aids and they didn’t help, but Dr. Carney didn’t give up! She re-did all necessary changes and I am excited to try again.  I did hear things/sounds I never heard and the staff never gave up, but continues to give me hope.  Great Team.  I would recommend highly!
JoAnne S.
Catonsville, MD

I am so delighted that I came to your office and received such vital information and support around my hearing loss.  I was uncertain before I came to your office about moving forward and getting hearing aids. After my first visit and the education and understanding I received, I felt comfortable to move forward. Now that I have my hearing aids I am so pleased. I feel ten years younger and that I’m a part of life again.  The entire office is kind and accommodating.
Joyce S.
Odenton, MD

“I highly recommend anyone who is looking for an audiologist, to call Clarity Audiology as they are the BEST. I have not been sorry that I have switched audiologist and I have been so happy with the staff and my new hearing aids which are programmed correctly to my hearing test.”
Kim K.
Catonsville, MD

“I have been a Patient of Clarity Audiology for 3 years. I am satisfied with their excellent service. I highly recommend Clarity Audiology to family and friends looking for professional service.”
Bernadette H.
Catonsville, MD

“I have been wearing Hearing Aids for over 20 years, but the new Phonak ones have provided a big improvement in every situation.  Dr. Carson certainly selected and excellent match of hearing aids for my loss.  I am enjoying better hearing and am so happy and grateful.”
Mary O.
Ellicott City, MD

“I had continually put off addressing my hearing issues for the better part of 3 years, because I simply did not want to acknowledge that I had any difficulty hearing.  Today I say to myself, “Why did you wait so long!”  Clarity Audiology and Dr. Bragg in particular, made the process comfortable and easy.  Making the decision to take care of my hearing problem has enhanced my quality of day to day living incredibly.”
Roger D.
Sykesville, MD

“I was disappointed to hear I needed Hearing Aids, but the experience has been fantastic.  No one is able to see the hearing aids which help for appearance concerns.  It really has been a seamless experience and I am very pleased.  Dr. Carson is fabulous! She is patient and caring!  Thank you!”
Valerie S.
Ellicott City, MD

The team at Clarity Audiology is simply the best.  I have been wearing Oticon devices since 2010 and was originally diagnosed at a local University Medical Center.  I switched to Clarity Audiology when my wife and I recently located to the area.  The experience was night and day.  The care, the personal attention and detail made my recent tech refresh to the OPN product a real pleasure.  They were more than willing to work with my insurance and accommodate my busy work schedule, very friendly and a pleasure to work with.  Thank you!”
James K.
Ellicott City, MD

“I am relatively new to Clarity Audiology.  I am not new to the hearing aid world.  Everyone here is so welcoming, very nice and very thorough and professional. I come from out of Howard County to get here with no regrets.  If you want top notch audiologist who really know their business and sincerely care about your hearing health, this is the place for you. Beware of places that just sell hearing devices and are not Audiologists!”
Bonnie C.
Westminster, MD

“Clarity Audiology and Hearing Solutions is the third Hearing Aid Office I have used.  It is by far the most complete, professional and caring of all.  My concerns were discussed and reviewed by Dr. Carson, Dr. Bragg and Dr. Carney.  Hearing aids, like eye glasses improve and correct losses of our natural abilities.  I have recommended Clarity Audiology and Hearing Solutions to my friends.”
Paul P.
Ellicott City, MD

“I was not happy with my initial audiology practice.  I discovered Clarity Audiology on the internet and they are close to my home. The staff is very helpful and Dr. Carney is professional and has great communication skills. Clarity Audiology also saved me a lot of money by working with my insurance company.  I would recommend Clarity Audiology to everyone.”
William D.
Catonsville, MD

“I was very pleased with the professionalism of Dr. Carson and staff.  The exam was thorough and the quality of the hearing aid exceeded my expectations.  I would definitely recommend this office to anyone experiencing hearing loss, whether slight or severe.  The stereo typed stigma I had about hearing aids disappeared as soon as Dr. Carson custom fit the devices to my ears, and with the wide range of color choices and its small size, they are barely noticeable, but the difference in hearing is.  Thanks again for helping me to hear what I’ve been missing for years!”
John B.
Ellicott City, MD

“The staff at Clarity Audiology was very professional and patient with me as I asked questions and explored my options.  There was no pressure to purchase a specific type or price line.  Emphasis was made to choose what I felt would best work for my hearing difficulties.  Recommendations were made when requested.”
Jane C.
Ellicott City, MD

“I assisted in the purchase of Hearing Aids for my 99 year old friend, and was impressed with their efficiency.  She and I could conduct a normal conversation.  I now have purchased my new replacement aids.  I am happy with the up to date equipment and the quality/knowledge of your professional services.  The office is a happy environment.”
Mark V.
Alexandria, VA

“Dad lost his hearing aids so we came to get new ones for him.  From the moment I called everyone was very courteous and professional.  Dr. Bragg was very patient with dad.  He loves his new hearing aids and so does the whole family.  We no longer have to yell when we speak to him and he enjoys family gatherings now.  I actually think the new hearing aids are so much better than the old ones.  I would Highly recommend Clarity Audiology & Hearing Solutions to anyone who needs a hearing aid or a has a family member that needs one.”
Sherry B.  
Eldersburg, MD

“I previously had hearing aids that filled the entire ear.  I seldom wore them, because they caused my ears to itch.  I am completely satisfied with my new Phonak Hearing Aids.  I was impressed with the high tech examination and the service provided by Clarity Audiology.  I would highly recommend them to anyone.”
Robert A.
Shady Side, MD

“The Oticon OPN1 hearing aids from Clarity Audiology felt comfortable and natural from the first day and greatly improved my hearing, especially in noisy situations.  Dr. Bragg was patient, thorough, caring and attentive.  I couldn’t be more satisfied.”
Harry K.
Baltimore, MD

“What a great experience – I took my mother who we noticed was having some hearing issues and she also has memory disease. The provider was very patient and took all the time that was necessary to help her through the exam. My mother was very upset that she needed hearing aids and was quite tearful during the visit – the provider was very patient and understanding. With time and patience when we back for the first week follow up mom and adjusted wonderfully to the hearing aids. This was a difficult situation made better by the caring providers at Clarity Audiology. I have and will continue to recommend them to any of my family and friends. Thank you all so very much, you’re the best!”
Teresa O.

“I have been serviced by Clarity Audiology for the last three years. I was extremely pleased with the professionalism and courtesy provided by the staff and competence of the Doctors. I recently purchased new hearing aids. The experience went very smooth, the guidance was exceptional, and most importantly I have dramatically improved my hearing capabilities. For the first time in years my grandchildren will get answers to their many stories. I would gladly recommend friends and family to Clarity Audiology.”
Denis F.

“I was a first time buyer/user of hearing aids. Stacy made the whole process quick, simple and enjoyable. She is very knowledgeable about the products and took the time to explain the pros and cons of each device. The actual hearing aids are phenomenal, and the sound quality is amazing. They are very light and inconspicuous, I forget I am wearing them. Thank you Clarity Audiology.”
Sam R.

“The professional, caring attitude of the entire staff is outstanding. Dr. Carson works hard to make sure the hearing aids work at their best.”
Martha W.
Ellicott City, MD

“Everyone is so nice and friendly, it is as if I have been going here for a long time. I would definitely recommend Clarity Audiology to anyone with a hearing problem.”
Mary C.
Ellicott City, MD

“I am hearing sounds I have missed for a long time. I was so pleased with the service and exam I had with Clarity Audiology and I am sorry I did not do this a long time ago.”
Mary H.
Ellicott City, MD

My new hearing aid is great. I finally understand my family better when they talk. They are not as loud. My TV volume is lower. My experience with Clarity Audiology was a great one. The entire staff was very professional, kind and understanding. I love my new Hearing Aid. I will recommend you to all my friends.”
Antoniea P.
Sykesville, MD

I was very happy with the way I was treated, from the making of the appointment to receiving the Hearing Aids. They worked with me when I had to reschedule my appointment. Everything was explained every step of the way, what my hearing loss was, and what hearing aids would work best and finally the cost and different payment options available. Dr. Bragg was very good to work with. I learned a lot about hearing loss and hearing aids.”
Russel E.
Linthicum, MD

“I can now hear very clearly. Sounds of talking and listening to music are excellent. I don’t feel the Hearing Aids in my ears, they fit so well. Now I can hear my wife walking on the carpet, it is so sensitive. Background noises now do not drown out people’s voices. Great Technology!
Richard L.
Sykesville, MD

“I was referred to Dr. Carson and she fit me with the newest digital hearing aids. Her expertise and knowledge in this field enabled me to hear every day sounds, conversations and my favorite music. I cannot express all my frustrations at functions not being able to reply because I was unable to know if someone was speaking to me. I am so sorry I waited so long and have expressed this to many of my friends and acquaintances that have the same problems. The newer hearing aids do not irritate the ears and you cannot tell that I am wearing them.”
James R.
White Marsh, MD

“Clarity Audiology was referred to me by a friend and I am pleased that I moved forward with them. They took their time to explain everything to me and I am hearing things I have been missing for some time.”
Richard G.
Fulton, MD

“Prior to receiving my hearing aids I always had the television volume set very loud. Now there’s a distinct difference because the TV and Radio volume is turned much lower.”
Betty W.
Owings Mills, MD.

“Mary L Carson, Doctor of Audiology had an open house, to give people an opportunity to meet her prior to seeking care or needed care. She takes the time to explain how the instrument can improve your hearing. During your visit you feel comfortable and experience a relaxing atmosphere and the staff is overwhelmingly friendly.”
Verna G.
Baltimore, MD.

“I hear better. Happy I came. The staff is very helpful and friendly.”
Alice S.
Elkridge, MD

“This was an excellent visit. First time I feel the hearing aids are going to do the job. Time will tell. Very informative in explaining the whole process and what to expect. Very enjoyable meeting. Looking forward to continue using Hearing Aids ”
F Colby
Taneytown, MD

“I resisted getting hearing aids because, at 55, I felt I was too young. Somehow getting them would be an admission that I was old. As time went by and I was constantly asking people to repeat themselves and to turn up the TV. I also misunderstood a lot of what was being communicated and guess what, I felt old! I got hearing aids and it was the best thing I’ve done for myself and my family. I’ll never forget the day I first got them and I took a walk and I heard the birds in a way that I had not heard them for many years. The hearing aids were easy to get used to and no one even knows I have them.”
Amy J.
Ellicott City, MD

“Dr. Carson is very professional and staff gives excellent service.”
Cornelius W.
Ellicott City, MD

“My experience with Clarity Audiology has been excellent so far. Dr. of Audioology Ms. Mary Carson and the staff and Clarity Audiology has been extrememely patient with me and have accomodated all of my requirements, explained me the features, operations, do’s and don’ts of the hearing aids repeatedly without getting tired. I feel lively again since now I am able to hear and able to enjoy the conversation with everyone. The hearing aids are most suitable to my needs and I am thankful to Clarity Audiology for recommending this wonderful equipment that has added value to my life. I already have recommended Clarity Audiology to a few friends of mine.”
Arvind S.
Ellicott City, MD

“Mary Carson took much time and patience to explain everything to me. She also is readily available to answer any questions I have. She made getting hearing aids a much less stressful process for me.”
Josephine D.
Baltimore, MD

“I noticed immediately that I could hear the sounds that I wanted and needed to hear. The clarity of each sound was so perfect; way beyond what my former hearing aids delivered.”
Mary R.
Catonsville, MD

“I knew I had significant high-frequency hearing loss. At the recommendation of a friend, I went to Clarity Audiology. First you are greeted by an extremely pleasant and courteous office staff that make you feel like you are the only client they have. I was then introduced to Stacy who very obviously enjoyed her work and was very competent. I have had the “phone booth” hearing tests before where you sit on an uncomfortable stool and a tiny soundproof box; tried to listen to various tones, and pressing a button when you heard them. Clarity has a version of that as well, except the “phone booth” is more like a small room with a very comfortable chair. But before you get to that point, the clarity staff will conduct an extensive pretest examination of your ears to ascertain if there are any physiological problems with your ears. Once the testing was done, Stacy gave me a very clear and understandable explanation of the results with the aid of a large screen monitor, explaining my hearing loss. She presented the various options clearly and in partially. There was no high-pressure sales pitch. The Phonak hearing aids arrived right on schedule. Stacy conducted the initial fitting very thoroughly and gave me a complete explanation and demonstration of using the devices. The follow-up adjustment was just as professional and efficient. I only wish I could experience the same level of service when buying an automobile or a major appliance as I received from the clarity staff, but I won’t hold my breath for that!”
Kenneth S.
Arnold, MD

“Clarity Audiology providing me best service. I am very thankful for all your help in providing me with new hearing aids. Everyone in your office is providing best service.”
Tayaba M.
Baltimore, MD

Great Place! Great People! I needed hearing aids and was shopping around at places and all of them had some kind of gimmick. One place stated that there was a $500 restocking fee. This turned me off. I found Clarity Audiology through a friend who went there and he recommended them to me. I went and the people answered all my questions and fitted me with hearing aids. Their follow up is Fantastic!! If you have any questions or concerns they will answer them. Glad I went!!!
Robert C.
Rosedale, MD

“I used to be self-conscious enough that I wouldn’t consider hearing aids even though I could rarely hear discussions at work and at home. I’m older now and I realize just how much I’ve missed in life without adequate hearing. The new style in canal hearing aids are small and almost invisible! Most people don’t know I’m wearing them until I point them out. There are so many sounds now that I haven’t heard in years. It’s amazing. I never should have waited.”
Pete C.
Catonsville, MD

“When I answered a mailing from Clarity Audiology 3 years ago, I was very hesitant about being fitted for hearing aids. However, Dr. Mary Carson and her staff (especially Sue at the front desk) put me at ease by demonstrating the types of equipment available and the improvement that equipment would make in my daily life. Dr. Carson and her staff continue to provide willing support for my hearing needs.”
Jeffrey D.
Columbia, MD

Excellent Care! Able to get quick appointment if needed. Staff helpful and friendly.”
Shirley H.
Airy, MD

“Excellent care and follow-up of hearing and hearing aid maintenance and calibration checks. Great office staff-everyone is very nice and accommodating. I’m always impressed by the hearing aid technology Dr. Carson uses for making fine tune adjustments. The hearing aids were far more affordable than the other options with which I was presented at another audiologist practice. I highly recommend this practice.”
Steve S.
Columbia, MD

“Whenever I phone to make an appointment I have no problem-very helpful and efficient and pleasant on the phone. Audiologist is very patient trying to get hearing aid set just right.”
Naomi W.
Catonsville, MD

Warm, caring staff and most of all excellent service. I am so glad to have Clarity Audiology. Even though my current health insurance has an audiologist, I prefer to come to here.”
Alicia H.
Windsor Mill, MD

“From my first visit to Clarity Audiology, I’ve been totally satisfied with the information, care and service provided. I trust Dr. Carson and her staff to help me deal with my hearing loss.”
Peter P.
Elkridge, MD

“This has been a 100% positive experience. Dr. Carson: Extremely knowledgeable. A very thorough exam that identified the underlying issues. Dr. Carson listened to me and made me comfortable that I was getting a solution, not a device sold to me.

Office Staff: Sue and company-friendly and efficient

Phonak Hearing Aids: These work wonderfully. Each is comfortable and unobtrusive. The in-speaker is efficient and comfortable. The DSP functions well and I am now enjoying both music and conversations like I did 20 years ago. Thanks!”
Gerald P.
Severna Park, MD

“After prodding by my family, I decided to have my ears tested. In so doing I found I needed aids for both my ears. This was a pain less experience. Upon receiving the aids I found a loud metallic noise. I went in for an adjustment, which took about 15 minutes. I now hear better and feel that the new aids will be an advantage.”
Carl E.
Catonsville, MD

“Fast and Easy! Doctor does a good test and uses up to date computers and software to show where your hearing is having a problem. Good front desk operation that is thorough and fast. THey helped me determine which credit plan is best and provided prompt follow up.”
Tom Cotter
Elliott City, MD

“It is very rare for me to find both a health care professional and a heath care product which together greatly exceed my expectations. Such is the case for Clarity Audiology and the Phonak hearing aids they prescribed. Dr. Mary Carson and her staff are awesome! They scheduled me for a thorough hearing examination on short notice. Dr. Carson patiently described the nature and extent of my hearing loss. While I’m no expert in the field, her office appears to be equipped with the latest electronic equipment. I have worn hearing aids prescribed by a previous audiologist for five years, with mixed results. The Phonak hearing aids Dr. Carson prescribed arrived in about a week and I was fitted with them immediately. The devices themselves are far more comfortable than my previous pair, allowing me to wear them for extended periods of time. My hearing improved significantly the moment I was fitted with the new devices. I can now hear subtle differences between words having similar consonant sounds. My quality of life has improved as well. I no longer miss out on conversations with my wife and co-workers. The high pitched sound associated with birds is now audible. Likewise, I can determine much more accurately the direction from which sounds originate. Thanks to Dr. Carson and to Stacy Fitzgerald for the superior patient care you provided. You’re the best! For those contemplating hearing aids for the first time, by all means see Dr. Carson. If you’re like me, you will be much more aware of your surroundings.”
John B.
Columbia, MD 21044

“I responded to a postcard mailing that invited me to be a part of a hearing aid study. From the moment I walked in the door at Clarity Audiology I received courteous and expert health care service. Never was I given a hard sell on the hearing aids that I was to wear for 30 days for the study. My hearing quality improved measurably for the range of hearing that I had lost over time. I did not realize how impaired I was. I now hear higher frequencies that I was missing for years. I subsequently purchased the hearing aids I used during the 30 days. I am very pleased with the results and the hearing aids are easy to wear. More so my family is pleased and relieved that I now hear with “clarity” what they say to me and…only one time.”

“If you have doubts, concerns, or fears about your hearing quality and your quality of life, I would definitely recommend visiting the good and gifted people at Clarity Audiology. I assure you that you will be treated with respect; you will receive expert and honest advice about how to improve your quality of life.
Rick S.
Columbia, MD 21045

“Conversations are so much easier. I can hear the birds chirping in the trees. Call Clarity Audiology, make an appointment to check your hearing (and) find out what can be done to help you.”
Richard C.
Ellicott City, MD

“She (Dr. Carson) is extremely qualified in her profession. I can’t say enough about how proficient she was in her testing, recommending the appropriate hearing instrument and explaining the benefits of my new hearing aids. After wearing my new hearing aids for a week, as can be expected, certain critical adjustments had to be made. Dr. Carson made all corrections to my satisfaction and I can’t believe how well I can hear. It is nice to hear the birds chirp again”.
Mike H.
Columbia, MD 21044

“My mother has used a hearing aid for over 30 years. Recently, her audiologist retired and she was referred by him to Dr. Carson. My mother was reluctant to go to another audiologist but was extremely pleased with the new hearing aid that Dr. Carson prescribed and with the pleasant and professional manner of Dr. Carson and her receptionist. My mother is hearing much better as a result of the new hearing aid and would recommend Dr. Carson to anyone who has need of a hearing aid. Our experience was very positive.”
Henry P.
Baltimore, MD 21214

“I would encourage you to have a hearing test if you’re experiencing hearing problems. My new hearing aids are so small and easy to wear. I’m happy with the results. You could not get better service than from Dr. Mary Carson. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Clarity Audiology.”
Patricia F.
Elkridge, MD 21075

“I have had a hearing problem for a number of years and, for one reason or another, never had the interest or courage to visit an audiologist. Boy was that a mistake! My visit to Dr. Carson at Clarity Audiology could not have been a more positive experience! I received an excellent analysis and explanation of my problem, enjoyed understandable and non-threatening conversation with the audiologist, and was given clear answers to my questions. With my comfortable, barely-noticeable hearing aids in place, I now realize all that I had been missing. My life has been greatly enriched. I enter conversations with much more confidence. My hearing aids have really made a difference in my life, each and every day!
Keith L.

“The state-of-the-art equipment at Clarity Audiology was very impressive! We had no idea how Dr. Carson would be able to get accurate hearing test results on our very active one year-old son, but she was able to obtain comprehensive results. Dr. Carson was very patient and kind when working with our son, and he was “at ease” with her throughout the exam. We were also impressed with the time she took to thoroughly explain his test results to us. Thank-you for your excellent patient care!
Matt & Grace G.
Catonsville, MD 21228

“I would definitely suggest to a friend who was experiencing hearing problems to call Clarity Audiology to make an appointment with you. I did exactly that and I am please-very pleased with my new hearing aids and I am hearing much better. Not only Dr. Carson but also Jessica at the front desk made me and my daughter feel so welcome.”
Elizabeth B.
Ellicott City, MD 21042

“Thank you so much for all your help in providing me with new hearing aids. I couldn’t be happier; and for the first time in many years I am able to hear much better and participate more in social situations. Everyone in your office was kind and caring, and I was certainly impressed with the technology you utilized during my visits. It was both interesting and helpful to actually be able to see the difference in my haring before and after receiving my new hearing aids. Thanks again for you kindness and professionalism. I certainly am happy I came to Clarity Audiology!”
Antoinette S.

“Life is at its richest when one is able to fully interact with one’s family, friends, neighbors, and others. Having low-vision made some parts of my life difficult, but when extremely poor hearing developed, the difficulty of communication in a normal fashion with others was frustrating. Visiting Dr. Carson and acquiring a hearing aid changed my life. And, it was so very easy to use! Being able to experience greater exchanges with others helped open my world in ways it had not been for a long time.”
Decoma D.
Ellicott City, MD 21043

“I would recommend Clarity Audiology- make an appointment with them! I have had several adjustment visits with no charge and have had helpful results! They are friendly and kind. My hearing aids have improved my quality of life very, very much.”
Naomi W.
Catonsville, MD 21228

“I’ve been with Clarity for over two years.  Always professional, on time, and very helpful.  The hearing aids are wonderful!  Never realized how much I was missing!”
Anthony V.
Catonsville, MD

“I have worn a hearing aid for over 25 years. As technology advances I have always worn an outdated hearing aid. They were always too expensive and as a young adult, I did not care.  My 11 year old hearing aid finally broke and I decided to give Clarity Audiology a try.  They got me in on such short notice.  They were able to work with me and got me into a hearing aid that fit my life style.  The price was good and the one to one and customer care were excellent.  Only good things to say about the Staff and Dr. Bragg.
Raybell A.  
Sykesville, MD

I am glad that I consulted Clarity Audiology as soon as my family and I noticed that my hearing was a little impaired. I truly wanted to take care of my hearing difficulties as early as possible.”
Jennifer K.

“I have no hearing in my left ear and I have some loss in my right ear. I use the Phonak Cros. It actually transmits sound from my left side of me (example- a person standing on my left side) to the aid in my right ear. It is really helpful when riding my bike (I can hear cars approaching) and in quiet settings. For years people thought I was ignoring them, when actually I just never heard them.
Clarity Audiology is great about scheduling early in the day and working with my needs. Very friendly staff!”
Melissa W.
Columbia, MD

“Dr. Lisa Bragg guided me and serviced my 3 year old Hearing Aids. I am fully satisfied and will recommend to relatives and friends. Staff is very courteous.”
Amarjit S.
Catonsville, MD

“I visited Clarity Audiology from a recent newspaper ad, wanting to inquire on the possibility of an improvement from my current hearing aid. Having no hearing in one ear, it was importance to be kept aware of the latest technology. Dr. Carson recommended the cross-over and I am absolutely amazed at its performance. I can now hear on the side with absolutely no sound for the past 60 years!”
Mar L.
Ellicott City, MD

“Having had 2 previous hearing exams and or hearing tests done elsewhere, none of which could or can compare to my latest exam by Dr. Bragg. She left no stone unturned. The equipment used to determine my hearing loss-highs, lows etc. I had not experienced before. I highly recommend Clarity Audiology and their services without hesitation.”
Robert W.
Baltimore, MD

“My experience at Clarity Audiology was nothing but stellar. They were very professional. I’ve had my hearing tested before and here it was the most comprehensive and thorough. All the staff was very congenial. I cannot say enough about this group. They are 5 star plus.”
Mike M.
Catonsville, MD