Top Apps for Hearing Loss

hearing aid apps

Apps aren’t just for fun and games; they can improve your quality of life!

Do you use hearing aids? Do you have a smartphone? Then you’re in luck. If you’ve experienced hearing loss, then you know there are little difficulties in everyday life that add up. These apps aim to make life easier for those with hearing loss. Here are our top apps for hearing loss that you can easily download to your smartphone!


Captionfish is great for movie buffs who have hearing loss. Using Captionfish, you can search for movies playing in theaters near you to find which ones have subtitles or captions. You can even find out if the movies are open-captioned, rear-window captioned, or closed captioned. The app searches for theaters within 60 miles of your location, displaying movie times, synopses, and theater locations. It will even stream captioned movie trailers, so you can pick a great movie and plan the perfect night out!

Purple Communications’ Video Relay Service

If you ever feel frustrated by texts but cannot make phone calls due to your hearing loss, then there is a brilliant solution just for you. Purple Communications’ Video Relay Service (VRS) is a special app that is free for anyone who is deaf or hard-of-hearing. You use the camera on your phone to sign to an interpreter whom you can also see on your screen. Your interpreter will translate your sign language to speech for the person you are talking to. When your friend responds, the interpreter will sign their response to you so you can see it on the screen. This is a great way to easily make phone calls and stay in touch with family and friends.

Hearing Loss Simulator

It can be difficult to explain to family and friends what your hearing loss is like, and it can be frustrating when they simply don’t understand what you’re experiencing. The Hearing Loss Simulator is an app that helps you to explain to others what your hearing loss is like. The app can play pre-recorded sounds through a filter that simulates what sounds and voices sound like to someone with hearing loss. You can even record your own voice and choose different degrees of hearing loss from mild to severe. This app is a great help for bringing friends and family closer to understanding your experience.

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