Types of Hereditary Hearing Loss

Types of Hereditary Hearing Loss

In rare cases, hearing loss can be hereditary. Among these cases are different types.

Hearing loss may affect a surprising number of people in America. With many types of noises in our environment, it may be easier for us to lose some level of our hearing. However, it is also true that, in rare cases, someone inherited their hearing loss. Below is a look at the different types of hereditary hearing loss and how not to confuse it with other types of hearing loss.

Syndromic Hearing Loss

About 30% of hearing loss cases in the United States are syndromic. Syndromic hearing loss refers to cases where symptoms appear at birth and are accompanied by a syndrome. DiGeorge Syndrome, Usher’s Syndrome, and Treacher-Collins Syndrome are ones that often include hearing loss. People with this type of hearing loss may also have problems with vision or balance.

Non-Syndromic Hearing Loss

Meanwhile, non-syndromic hearing loss involves inheriting a gene. Family members may either exhibit the symptoms or be a carrier of the condition. The inherited gene may control the function of the ear. For example, if the GJB2 gene has a mutation, a family member may pass on a malfunctioning cochlea. 

Congenital Hearing Loss

If the mother had an infection or virus when she was pregnant, the child could end up with congenital hearing loss. Although the child is born with hearing loss, it is because of a maternal disease or infection rather than genetics. Rubella and herpes simplex virus are common infections that precede infant deafness. Similarly, acquired hearing loss may also develop over time rather than at birth.

Other Types of Hearing Loss

If you have family members who developed hearing loss when they grew older, you might wonder if you will also have this issue when you grow older. However, there is little evidence suggesting that age-related hearing loss passes on to descendants.

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