What Makes the Ear Fascinating

What Makes the Ear Fascinating
The human ear is fascinating; the smallest parts make an enormous difference.

Nature is full of fascinating designs, not the least of which is the human ear. Although it is one of the smallest parts of the body with even smaller components within it, it plays multiple roles that affect our lives to an incredible extent. 

How the Ear Works

The ear consists of outer, middle, and inner parts, connecting to the brain and the throat. As sound waves enter the outer ear, they travel through to the eardrum. Movement from the eardrum prompts the three tiny bones in the middle ear, called ossicles, to vibrate and amplify the sound into the inner ear. The inner ear, which contains fluid, contains tiny, curved hairs that move as the fluid moves. This movement translates into electrical signals that travel to the brain.

The Smallest Bones

Although the ear contains the smallest bones in the body, their function, as described above, is profound. All three ossicles can fit on top of a penny, but when the eardrum sends sound their way, they amplify the waves by 22 times. If someone hears an overly loud noise, the ossicles could potentially break. Thankfully, surgeons have discovered a way to mend the issue through transplants.

Tiny Hairs

Even tinier than ossicles are the little hairs that live in the cochlea, the inner ear. Within this snailshell-shaped organ are 20,000 such fibers. A particularly loud sound can damage these at once or over time, causing some level of hearing loss. Considering the potential consequences of hearing loss, these hairs, though nearly microscopic, achieve a mighty purpose.

Sense of Balance

Connected to the ear are two parts that control our sense of balance, the vestibular complex and the Eustachian tube. The vestibular complex, located above the cochlea, looks like two loops. Within these are tiny crystals that send messages about balance to the brain. The Eustachian tube, only 4 centimeters long, connects the middle ear to the throat and controls air pressure. When our ears “pop,” that means the air pressure changed too quickly for the Eustachian tubes to adjust.

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