What to Expect from Your Next Hearing Checkup

hearing checkup

A hearing checkup is quick and painless, and can help resolve issues related to hearing loss.

Do you think you might be suffering from hearing loss or tinnitus? The first thing you should do is make an appointment with your doctor. Many people overlook the need to get their hearing checked, but doing so can spot problems that could be contributing to impaired hearing. A hearing examination is quick and painless, and involves using an otoscope to look inside your ear. Taking your hearing loss seriously is the first step toward diagnosing a problem.

Pure-Tone Testing

This is the standard hearing test, used to measure the balance of your hearing. Wearing headphones in a soundproof room, you will complete a test involving a series of sounds played at different pitches and levels into each of your ears. All you will have to do is confirm when you hear a sound by raising your hand or pushing a button.

Speech Perception

A speech perception test is designed to determine how severe your hearing loss impacts your ability to understand speech. In this test you will be asked to identify various words that you hear. The words may be pre-recorded or spoken to you while a test administrator is out of view, and in some cases words may be spoken over background noise.

Bone Conduction

A bone conduction test identifies which part of your ear is not functioning correctly. A vibrating tuning fork is placed behind your ear, allowing sound it emits to by-pass the outer and middle ear. If the sound can still be heard in the inner ear, it may indicate that you have conductive hearing loss.


Tympanometry helps identify any problems with your eardrum that may be damaging your hearing. A healthy eardrums needs to be flexible in order to allow sound to pass through, whereas a rigid eardrum will not allow sound to pass. This test involves a machine gently blowing air into your ear and measuring the movement of your eardrum.

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