Choosing a Hearing Aid Style – Before You Buy


Consult an audiologist before committing to a hearing aid purchase.

In our previous blogs about choosing a hearing aid style, we discussed the various types of hearing aids and common hearing aid features that come with them. This week we’re going to explore the process of picking out a style and what you should do before you make a purchasing commitment.


  • Get a checkup. First, seek out your doctor to rule out easily corrected causes of hearing loss such as earwax buildup or an infection.
  • Refer to a reputable audiologist. Ask your doctor for a referral to a good audiologist. An audiologist can help you assess your hearing and recommend a hearing style that works for you. They can also make adjustments to your hearing aid to fit your needs.
  • Ask about trial periods. Usually you can get a hearing aid with a trial period so that you can get used to the device and decide if it’s right for you.
  • Consider future needs. Determine whether the hearing aid you’ve chosen will be able to increase in power in case your hearing gets worse later down the line.
  • Check the warranty. Make sure that your hearing aids come with a warranty to cover the parts and labor for at least a set amount of time. Some offices may even include offices visits and other professional services as part of the warranty.
  • Pay attention to misleading claims. No hearing aid can fully restore hearing to normal or eliminate all background noise. Beware of marketing that tries to claim otherwise.
  • Plan ahead for unexpected expenses. The cost of hearings can vary widely, sometimes reaching up to a few thousand dollars. It’s also important to factor in the cost of professional fees, remote controls, hearing aid accessories and other options that may cost extra. Schedule a consultation with your audiologist to set appropriate expectations.


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