When Is Earwax a Problem?

When Is Earwax a Problem?

Could your dizziness or tinnitus be due to impacted earwax? Here’s when earwax can get problematic.

Earwax is our friend, helping to flush out dirt, dust, and debris from our ears daily. It also prevents insects from crawling inside our ear canals, a very welcome benefit! Earwax keeps our ears clean and lubricated, but it can become a problem when too much builds up. When is earwax a problem? Don’t ignore the signs of impacted earwax.

Impacted Earwax: The Symptoms

Impacted earwax can be more detrimental to one’s health than one might think. When too much earwax builds up, it can result in trouble hearing at the very least. However, more problems can result. They are the following:

Earwax buildup can harbor germs, cause a ringing or whistling sound in the ears, or cause a loss of balance. These symptoms can be due to a more serious condition, so it is best to study your symptoms and health and visit a primary care physician or audiologist to determine your case. If the cause of your ear problems is impacted earwax, they are fairly easy to resolve. 

How to Perform Earwax Removal

You can start by trying to soften the earwax at home so that it can flow out on its own. The most common way is to use earwax removal drops, which you can buy over the counter. These contain oil, such as olive or almond oil. Another method would be to expose your ears to steam, such as in a shower. Be careful not to get a burn from steam! 

If at-home methods do not work after several days, it is time to contact a primary care physician or your local audiologist. They have specialized tools that can help you remove the earwax safely. These methods include ear irrigation, aural toilet, and microsuction. 

Need to See an Audiologist?

If you need to see a specialist for earwax removal, Clarity Audiology is available in Baltimore, MD. Whether you need simple earwax removal, a hearing test, new hearing aids, or treatment for a balance disorder or tinnitus, we are here for you.

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