Why Do My Hearing Aids Squeal?

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Squealing hearing aids are common, but fixable. What’s the cause of your whistling hearing devices?

Congratulations to those wearing their hearing aids around the clock every day. Consistent hearing aid use is the best way to get the most out of your hearing devices. Plus, the benefits of hearing aids are well understood. With the right hearing aids, you can connect with the world more fully. However, hearing aids can sometimes cause problems. One of the most common is whistling or squealing. Why do your hearing aids squeal? Let’s see if one of these causes matches your case.

Why Do My Hearing Aids Squeal?

Too Much Earwax

It could be that you have too much earwax. Although unpleasant, it is one of the easiest problems to resolve. All you need to do is to clean your ears and clean your hearing aids. Be careful to avoid poking your eardrum or damaging your hearing aids; an audiologist can also clean your hearing devices with care.

Volume Too Loud

Another reason for hearing aid feedback could be improper volume level. If you set your hearing aid volume too high, the sound could overpower your devices and bounce back into the hearing aid microphones, causing that squealing sound. Turning down the volume will do the trick.

Misfitting Hearing Aids

Hearing aids must fit the wearer snugly; there should not be any gaps. If they do not fit quite right, sound could travel back into the microphone instead of the wearer’s ears. It is best to have your audiologist check the fit of your hearing aids every few months to ensure it’s properly adjusted.

Mechanical Problems

Hearing aid feedback could also happen because of mechanical problems, such as dislodged microphones, disconnecting electrical components, or broken or warped parts. If you notice anything wrong with any of the parts in your hearing aids, there’s a chance you can put it right.

Need to Pinpoint Your Hearing Aid Problem?

If you are not sure why your hearing aids squeal, you can contact Clarity Audiology in Baltimore, MD. As professionals who care, we can pinpoint the problem and give you a solution as only a true audiologist can.

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