Why People Deny Their Hearing Loss

Why People Deny Their Hearing Loss

Denial about hearing loss is common among seniors for several reasons.

It is not uncommon to know someone who is developing apparent signs of hearing loss, yet denies the problem. You have to repeat yourself, raise your voice, or ask them to lower the volume of the television. Still, your loved one does not seek an evaluation from an audiologist. Why do people deny their hearing loss, especially those who are seniors? There are several main reasons.

“It’s No Big Deal”

Hearing loss is a gradual process. Known as the “invisible disability,” sensorineural hearing loss is without pain or any visible consequences. As it comes on in increments, the person with the issue often does not realize it is there at all. Even if someone does recognize his hearing loss issue, most of the time, the person will not think the problem severe enough to get checked. They have lived with it with seemingly no difficulties so far. However, the detrimental consequences of hearing loss are real. When not addressed, the person can feel increasing social isolation and frustration, leading to depression and cognitive decline.

Hearing Loss Shame

There is also a certain stigma attached to hearing loss that is not with vision impairment. It seems to signify a “getting on with years” or that those with hearing loss have a weakness. It can be more embarrassing to have a hearing aid in one’s ear than glasses. This shame should not be; however, there are hearing aid designs that sit around or in the ear, hidden from view.

Distaste for Change

As one gets older, a person is more likely to be reticent to change, especially a major one like adjusting to a hearing aid. Hearing aids take time to get used to, as suddenly hearing sounds that have long been muted can be discombobulating. Even so, hearing aids help people communicate and relate with their world, an investment worth making no matter how old. The process of change, though, can be daunting.

The Cost of Hearing Aids

Finances are another reason why someone may forego getting their hearing checked. Hearing aids are notoriously expensive. Compounded with the underestimated worth of good hearing and the fears of shame and change, tight finances only make the situation harder to deal with. Clarity Audiology may be able to help. Call them today to see what they can do for you!

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